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Bushings, Rings, Shims, And Spacers - FSC 5365

Externally Threaded Rings; Keyed And Serrated Lock Rings; Dee Rings; Instrument Retaining Rings; Shim Sets And Assortments; Plate Spacers; Ring Spacers; Sleeve Spacers; Stepped Spacers; Spacer Sets And Assortments; Sleeve Bushings; Machine Threaded Bushings; Machine Threaded Plugs.
Last Modified: Jun 18, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Shim 107159
Shim YB1536-1040REV1
Ring, E, Pansion EA10172
Shim 0-521-137
Plug, Machine Thread 8511889
Shim MILS22499
Plug, Machine Thread 610885
Shim S8154-127C016
Plug, Machine Thread 102696PC5
Bushing, Rod End 228808PC4
Shim 730468PC4
Plug, Machine Thread 732130PC2
Plug, Machine Thread 8Z1104PC24
Spacer, Ring 61C034-1
Ring, Externally Threaded 760598
Shim Set 32240
Shim, Half BUWEPSDWG821471
Shim, Half 82146
Shim, Half BUWEPSDWG821497
Spacer, Plate 824131
Shim, Half 830648
Shim, Half 830649
Spacer, Sleeve 938303
Spacer, Recoil 957310
Plug, Machine Thread 8Z1157-4
Bushing, Nonmetallic 1482082
Spacer 480945PC6
Spacer, Sleeve S8168-6A0390
Spacer, Sleeve S8168-6A0625
Ring, Externally Threaded R8416
Spacer, Sleeve 3-94385
Eccentric SC-C-647162
Spacer, Tapered 4011737
Spacer, Plate S1635-64312-2
Spacer, Sleeve K 5150843
Shim 1287-226
Shim 1708-26
Shim 1708-38
Plug, Machine Thread 737128
Plug, Machine 770120
Spacer, Ring 1105800
Spacer, Weight 50077-11
Spacer, Shaft 50227-8
Spacer, Sleeve 16102034
Bushing, Nonmetallic AN3067S3
Bushing, Machine Thread CE14654
Bushing, Machine Thread CE11442
Plug, Machine Thread PGF13258
Spacer, Plate CE11460
Plug, Machine Thread PGF13259
Shim CE11300
Spacer, Plate CE11228
Spacer, Plate CE11458
Spacer, Sleeve CE11688
Spacer, Sleeve CE11459
Spacer, Plate CE87039
Bushing, Machine Thread CE87281
Spacer, Plate CE87382
Spacer, Sleeve CE11290-1
Spacer, Sleeve CE11290-2
Spacer, Sleeve CE11290-4
Spacer, Sleeve CE11290-5
Spacer, Sleeve CE11290-6
Bushing, Flanged, Gen GM139364Y1
Spacer, Ring C2UT129
Shim 74594
Bushing, Seat Retain P70067
Bushing, Carburetor 362406
Spacer, Sleeve 726226-4
Bushing, Nonmetallic S535153-1
Shim S8157N38-004
Shim S8157N38-006
Plug, Machine Thread 367990R1
Shim 47-645-075-1
Spacer, Fuel Injecto 82219S4105-43482PC6
Shim S12-35-7040
Spacer, Ring 1005003360360
Spacer, Ring ED15532-1
Spacer, Ring 19010
Spacer, Sleeve 553-6046-002
Spacer, Sleeve 761-0331-003
Spacer, Sleeve 761-0330-003
Plug, Machine Thread 17758-1
Shim 13417
Spacer, Ring 145899
Ring, Externally Threaded 324451
Shim 248488PC6
Ring, Externally Threaded 117395PC7
Spacer, Sleeve 1CS104PC15
Spacer, Sleeve H401D
Spacer, Sleeve DD423S46-0124PC28
Spacer, Sleeve G7253PC72
Spacer, Sleeve H1151C
Spacer, Sleeve G7042PC68
Spacer, Ring SG2194PC22
Spacer, Sleeve YR29S47-1PC36
Spacer, Sleeve 0875S8GX2-10C
Spacer, Sleeve 172521-1
Plug, Machine Thread A1353MPC2
Plug, Machine Thread E3160357PC127

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