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Bushings, Rings, Shims, And Spacers - FSC 5365

Externally Threaded Rings; Keyed And Serrated Lock Rings; Dee Rings; Instrument Retaining Rings; Shim Sets And Assortments; Plate Spacers; Ring Spacers; Sleeve Spacers; Stepped Spacers; Spacer Sets And Assortments; Sleeve Bushings; Machine Threaded Bushings; Machine Threaded Plugs.
Last Modified: Jun 27, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Spacer, Sleeve B321898
Spacer, Sleeve B217418
Spacer, Sleeve B425932
Spacer, Sleeve B425931
Ring Spring 101A207279
Ring, Slider 100A207277
Ring Special A151302
Shim 1148110
Spacer Special KHA7480
Shim 1119066
Shim 5202102
Ring Retaining AGS2031-26
Spacer, Ring 3603016
Spacer Special 53-1090
Shim 46-1108
Shim 46-1289
Spacer Bottom 57-1392
Shim 246248
Shim 200388822
Shim 2-00453-625
Shim 200388723
Shim AH038251
Ring Lock 200398604
Shim 2-00398-603
Shim 2-00398-610
Shim 1-02690-606
Shim 1-02690-607
Spacer, Sleeve 1-01350-627
Spacer, Plate 1-01350-628
Ring, Split 101515610
Spacer, Ring 712020607
Plug, Machine Thread F296053
Spacer 837-643
Spacer Ring 986-76
Ring Backing GD2170-131
Shim 5104-001-252
Shim 5104-001-238
Shim 5104001239
Shim 5104002213
Shim 5104-001-226
Shim FGB543-1
Shim FGB543-2
Shim FGB543-3
Shim FRJ1201
Shim FH0958-1
Shim FH0958-2
Shim FH0958-3
Spacer Special FH0233
Shim FMY121
Spacer Special FH0959
Shim FRX1025
Shim FRX1026
Shim FRX1027
Spacer Special 1007-276-1
Spacer Special 1007-276-2
Shim 1007-284
Spacer Special 1007-342
Ring Special FMP1105
Shim FMP1250-1-60
Shim FMP1259
Spacer, Sleeve FMP1361
Spacer, Sleeve FMP1362
Ring Special FMP1353
Ring Special FMP1356
Shim FMP1365-1-80
Shim FPJ1153
Shim FMP1364-1-60
Ring Special FMP1376
Spacer Special FMP8004
Spacer Special FLM627-1
Spacer Special FLM627-2
Spacer Special FLM627-3
Spacer Special FLM627-4
Spacer Special FLM627-5
Shim F0Z976
Spacer Special FHK208
Bushing Special 21388-025
Bushing Special C0M6493
Shim FHM944
Shim FHM1066
Shim F0Y663
Spacer Special FMK198
Spacer Special FHK231
Spacer Special FHK679
Shim FDF841
Shim FDF849
Shim FMY149
Shim FMY150
Shim FMY151
Shim FLB1093A
Shim FLB1093B
Shim FLB1093C
Shim FHM2510-1
Shim FHM2510-2
Shim FHM2510-3
Shim 5104-001-235
Shim 5104-001-236
Spacer Special A2100-1324-001
Spacer Special A2104-0020-001
Shim A3301-2789-001

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