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Bushings, Rings, Shims, And Spacers - FSC 5365

Externally Threaded Rings; Keyed And Serrated Lock Rings; Dee Rings; Instrument Retaining Rings; Shim Sets And Assortments; Plate Spacers; Ring Spacers; Sleeve Spacers; Stepped Spacers; Spacer Sets And Assortments; Sleeve Bushings; Machine Threaded Bushings; Machine Threaded Plugs.
Last Modified: Jun 27, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Ring, Backup 4600110
Spacer, Sleeve 2664674
Barrel, Primer Pump A-562
Ring, Retaining, Shea C20089F014
Shim 3110329-1
Spacer, Ring BACC10BR3450
Spacer, Ring 954B191-1
Ring 216070
Spacer, Plate AA7FA348
Ring, Lock, Keyed 702-5P
Spacer, Plate KM825-16
Ring, Externally Threaded 371268-1
Plug, Machine Thread 9050758
Ring, Life Raft Door 96W1342-1
Spacer, Sleeve 652400-004
Ring, Fan, Containmen 207037
Shim 323580
Spacer, Plate 47-645-081-3
Shim 1776021
Spacer, Sleeve 9051183
Shim 9051226
Ring, Ejection, Aft HT004514
Bushing, Brush Holde 17889S4411
Bushing, Delivery Fl 6782914
Spacer, Tiedown, Guid 3206693
Spacer, Yoke 357740
Shim L14520P01
Spacer, Carburetor B6Q9447A
Spacer, Ring 105A42
Ring, Externally Threaded 2031243
Spacer, Sleeve 201311
Shim 50420PC23
Spacer, Plate 2215713-00
Spacer, Ring 318424PC6
Spacer, Sleeve 10-23124-03
Plug, Machine Thread 9005741
Spacer, Sleeve 9006208
Ring, Stop 5669330
Bushing, Machine Thread B31-15-1199
Spacer, Sleeve 6280468
Ring, Retaining, Instrument 8018199
Spacer, Sleeve 372015-18
Spacer, Ring 52-31818-1
Plug, Machine Thread P14374
Plug, Machine Thread AC700-12D4
Spacer, Plate 519544
Shim 525386
Ring, Stop 511225
Ring, Micro Adjustin 519751
Plug, Machine Thread, Magnetic 540814
Ring, Cylinder, Nose 2444966-501
Spacer, Impeller I5T42BRANDI5T43BR
Spacer, Impeller H5T42BRANDH5T43BR
Spacer, Impeller Set G5T42BRANDG5T43BR
Spacer, Ring A1538
Ring, Externally Threaded 121227
Plug, Machine Thread 12HP5NSS
Spacer, Ring 5365006291094
Plug, Machine Thread 444953
Spacer, Plate 6291598
Shim 698096-3
Shim 698096-2
Ring, Externally Threaded 6292187
Bushing, Interstage, 3T8579C2H
Bushing, Interstage, 1F3794-55-1
Shim B85608
Spacer, Buffer Amplifier 2251756-00
Ring, Lock, Serrated 126056P20
Spacer, Sleeve 211-215
Spacer, Pinion Beari 50265R2
Spacer, Pinion Beari 50263R2
Spacer, Pinion Beari 50262R2
Bushing, Machine Thread 314142
Shim 61-379
Bushing, Nonmetallic 5291587
Spacer A607098
Spacer A604355
Plug, Machine Thread AN814-3S
Spacer, Ring 7162326
Plug, 60a Prop Shaft 6786583
Plug, Machine Thread 6299426
Plug, Machine Thread 6299685
Plug, Machine Thread 9686M86P01
Ring, Lock Pin Retai 6788078
Spacer, Sleeve F288907
Shim 17053
Spacer, Sleeve 9056869
Spacer, Sleeve 56435
Ring, Externally Threaded 4SS5470-15
Spacer, Plate 158B243F01
Shim 2215721-00
Spacer, Sleeve 25616382
Spacer, Sleeve 522863
Shim 365423-5
Shim 365423-6
Spacer, Plate 365423-7
Shim 365486-5
Shim 365486-6
Spacer, Plate 365486-7
Shim 760175-38

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