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Bushings, Rings, Shims, And Spacers - FSC 5365

Externally Threaded Rings; Keyed And Serrated Lock Rings; Dee Rings; Instrument Retaining Rings; Shim Sets And Assortments; Plate Spacers; Ring Spacers; Sleeve Spacers; Stepped Spacers; Spacer Sets And Assortments; Sleeve Bushings; Machine Threaded Bushings; Machine Threaded Plugs.
Last Modified: Jun 18, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Ring, Shock Strut 123LM10159-1
Spacer, Sleeve 379878
Ring, Jacking SSBN640-518-2118746 PIECE 19
Spacer, Ring 051-CG001-138
Plug, Machine Thread 649742
Spacer, Plate 379711
Ring, Connecting, Round WCR750SS
Spacer, Ring 47-620-681-1
Spacer, Ring 47-620-682-1
Spacer, Ring 47-620-682-3
Bushing 142099
Bushing 123WM10090-5
Bushing 123WM10209-5
Shim 120-048-24-10
Spacer, Sleeve 1242404-1
Spacer, Plate 3H10128-101
Spacer, Plate 10516284
Plug, Machine Thread S851
Bushing, Collar, Swiv 174023
Bushing 174022
Ring, Bezel 943553
Spacer, Dial 935538
Spacer, Mounting 139102-01
Spacer, Fan Drive Clutch Disk 2930000772818
Shim 3002T05P01
Ring, Boot Retainer 102B5475P1REVA
Spacer, Plate 219E803P44REVAB
Plug, Machine Thread 322982-1
Bushing, Nonmetallic 215-03400-3
Spacer, Sleeve 3120-0H13-002-1
Shim BACS40R8E27
Bushing, Nonmetallic 215-03400-1
Shim 10016-2
Spacer, Ring 32-94101-45
Spacer, Plate 1087-111
Bevel Shim Terminal 32-94730-3
Spacer, Sleeve NAS42HT8-32
Shim L312000328
Spacer, Sleeve 63005-4-018
Spacer, Sleeve NAS43DD0-23
Spacer, Ring R102-093
Spacer, Plate 1E1157
Spacer, Sleeve 186282
Shim 6-23549-1
Shim 6-23548-1
Spacer, Ring 710007-35
Spacer, Sleeve NAS1057T3-500
Bushing, Throat, Pump 18442P
Bushing, Throat 010-07514-000
Spacer, Plate 303277
Shim 05-370147
Shim 442B181PC7
Spacer, Plate 442B181PC10
Shim 700616
Spacer, Sleeve 841B646P08
Spacer, Tapered 40A74022-1
Spacer, Tapered 40A74022-2
Spacer, Tapered 40A74022-3
Bushing, Fuel Filter 52-01149-1
Spacer, Fuel Valve 2642067
Shim 706125-31
Shim 1027799-1
Shim 1027799-4
Shim 1027799-6
Shim L312001101
Spacer SCC160381
Spacer, Sleeve 549294
Shim 120-047-32-10
Spacer, Sproket Sha 1385
Spacer, Ring D80031-13
Spacer, Ring 9089448-15
Spacer, Sleeve 7710129H04
Spacer, Sleeve 204-011-460-1
Spacer, Ring 3074-73
Bushing, Nonmetallic 287-1114P3
Spacer, Sleeve 348727
Plug, Machine Thread 4HP5NS
Ring, Externally Threaded 12S246-7
Shim 557929-2
Spacer, Sleeve 541-6099-002
Shim 34AA22B31-29
Shim 34AA23B31-29
Shim 34AA24B31-29
Shim 34AA25B31-29
Shim 34AA23B10-07
Shim 34AA25B10-07
Shim 137300-09
Shim 137300-06
Shim 34AA28B13-14
Spacer, Ring 29665B
Shim 205968
Spacer, Sleeve 215-24581-1
Spacer, Sleeve 429R367H01
Spacer, Sleeve NAS43HT6-20
Shim 103B7402
Spacer, Plate 1785171
Spacer, Ring W2F24120
Spacer, Sleeve MBEU7414
Shim 306R830H01
Bushing, Machine Thread 820-2179059

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