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Bushings, Rings, Shims, And Spacers - FSC 5365

Externally Threaded Rings; Keyed And Serrated Lock Rings; Dee Rings; Instrument Retaining Rings; Shim Sets And Assortments; Plate Spacers; Ring Spacers; Sleeve Spacers; Stepped Spacers; Spacer Sets And Assortments; Sleeve Bushings; Machine Threaded Bushings; Machine Threaded Plugs.
Last Modified: Jun 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Plug, Machine Thread 3HP5NSS
Shim 10127-1
Spacer, Plate 77116097
Spacer, Sleeve PF218-258
Spacer, Ring PH113B
Spacer, Ring 19380
Spacer, Ring 2A1913
Spacer, Ring GKT2105
Spacer, Ring H16-1466
Spacer, Ring 1-16232
Spacer, Ring PM23A
Spacer, Ring 4F7206
Spacer, Ring PGF9649
Spacer, Bearing 3321-413
Spacer, Shouldered 3320-218
Spacer, Ring 4M36-07003
Spacer, Ring 4M36-05005
Spacer, Sleeve 505-4486-002
Spacer, Ring 83-751
Shim 10662
Bushing, Flexible Shaft A200029
Ring, Mating Seal 4018T16P05
Ring, Mating Seal 4018T16P04
Spacer, Special 101BMP602
Ring, Externally Threaded 401034
Bushing, Nonmetallic 901771-07
Bushing, Nonmetallic MS3420-24
Bushing, Nonmetallic 2765-16-1
Bushing, Nonmetallic BX2765TY1-10
Plug, Machine Thread MS9902-07
Spacer, Plate 571449-2
Shim 45407000010
Shim 42132C200
Spacer, Special M313-004
Shim 495-1000-8-3
Shim 325170
Spacer, Sleeve 7409647
Spacer, Sleeve 7600137
Spacer, Sleeve 7605214
Spacer, Sleeve 7598659
Spacer, Sleeve ADS101-1
Spacer, Sleeve A12907
Spacer, Ring 325176
Spacer, Sleeve AEX42411
Spacer, Sleeve 7598769
Spacer, Sleeve BA92942
Spacer, Sleeve 7600138
Spacer, Sleeve BA94250
Spacer, Sleeve N-52255 PIECE 12
Spacer, Sleeve 43
Spacer, Sleeve
Spacer, Sleeve S1407AA
Spacer, Sleeve 93
Spacer, Sleeve 3262189
Spacer, Sleeve 1423
Spacer, Sleeve S60063-13
Spacer, Sleeve W1231AS11
Spacer, Ring 199844
Spacer, Sleeve 3311382
Spacer, Sleeve 040424A
Spacer, Sleeve 14429
Spacer, Sleeve 030101A
Spacer, Sleeve 3311394
Spacer, Sleeve S2438JE
Spacer, Ring 96B14427
Shim 12827-4
Shim 199020
Spacer, Sleeve 266891
Plug, Machine Thread W2013
Plug, Machine Thread 61358
Plug, Machine Thread 3-60274
Plug, Machine Thread 30107
Plug, Machine Thread 57223
Plug, Machine Thread, Magnetic 1404059
Plug, Machine Thread SAE AS5169
Plug, Machine Thread MS123128
Plug, Machine Thread 5176783
Plug, Machine Thread 67218
Plug, Machine Thread YN17S61-839PC13
Plug, Machine Thread 86573
Plug, Machine Thread HPC101106
Plug, Machine Thread 28159
Plug, Machine Thread 7414435
Plug, Machine Thread AN814-2
Bushing, Machine Thread 197-0-2
Plug, Machine Thread 207148
Plug, Machine Thread 217246
Plug, Machine Thread DD453S61-01399PC46
Plug, Machine Thread N5000ALT2PC12
Plug, Machine Thread M6
Plug, Machine Thread 10288-8
Spacer, Sleeve NAS43DD1-78N
Spacer, Sleeve 541-6024-002
Spacer, Sleeve NAS43DD1-54
Spacer, Sleeve NAS43HT12-114
Spacer, Sleeve NAS42DD6-92FC
Spacer, Sleeve NAS42DD4-21
Spacer, Sleeve NAS43DD4-90
Spacer, Sleeve 47-645-080-3
Spacer, Sleeve NAS42DD12-25

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