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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 03, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Dial, Telephone D84821C
Chart 26355
Bracket, Switch Lock 0479-202-2094-1
Bracket, Receptacle 0479-202-2071-1
Bracket, Receptacle 0479-202-3134-1
Brace, Center 0479-202-3091-1
Case, Chair 602183-000
Terminal, Telephone 4A2811-4
Repeater, Telephone SCD64233
Terminal, Telephone ANTCC23LESSP0WERUNIT
Telephone Dial Subassembly 83594B
Central Office, Tele ANFTC25
Holder, Card 4Z4699-3
Marker, Cable 4270
Case, Maintenance Ki 6F300-1128
Tongue 86626Z
Retainer, Switch Locking 0479-202-2044-1
Panel Assembly, Relay 0479-202-3075-1
Signaling Tone Shel 19N060-001
Central Office, Telephone, Manual ANMTC3
Central Office, Telephone, Manual ANMTC7
Terminal, Telegraph F29683LESSP0WER
Telephone Set TA-312/PT
Maintenance Kit MX842GT
Cloth, Formed Wiping S572034
Case, Transit 0479-202-4235-1
Generator, Ringing, Hand 9000S6501-73801PC21
Call-signal Station 4057-76 ITEM 82
Chamber, Cable Terminal J556GMQ10
Visual Readout Disp A200T020-103
Telephone 250000-MBA-20M
Panel, Conference Br 7313A
Supergroup Modem Unit 900-27962-01
Generator, Ringing, Machine A413T004-101
Recorder, Code Tape RD112AU
Dial, Telephone 003013-00G
Mounting, Telephone 230AISSUE4
Telephone Set 554TYPETELSET
Armature Assy, Induc MDGD780319PCD71485A
Telephone Set 500-12BA20M
Signal, Switchboard 27817-02
Telephone Set 185000-003
Automatic, Impact Tool 71400-000
Chamber, Cable Terminal NF10
Telephone Set 185000-022
Holder, Hand Set SCC63510
Reactor Assembly 625009-316X317
Wiper Carriage 176011-000
Magnet Assembly, Dua 202133-275
Contact Assembly, El 176024-000
Telephone Dial Subassembly 1270046-2
Stub, Cable 101 470 821
Shelf, Telephone Switch E42413
Shelf, Telephone Switch 492014-000
Shelf, Telephone Switch 492017-000
Shelf, Telephone Switch 492018-000
Shelf, Telephone Switch 492019-000
Shelf, Telephone Switch 492020-000
Shelf, Telephone Switch 492025-000
Shelf, Telephone Switch 492026-000
Hardware Kit 492045-000
Shelf, Telephone Switch 492032-000
Shelf, Telephone Switch 492031-000
Selector Circuit Pl E42437
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Jack 492039-000
Power And Superviso 492056-000
Face Equipment, Tele 492059-000
Shelf, Telephone Switch 492003-000
Shelf, Telephone Switch 492002-000
Dial, Telephone D84901A
Cover Assy, Electric BP62973
Needle Valve BP62916
Plug-in Unit, Line Assembly 82350000-000
Plug-in Unit 80409150-001
Plug-in Unit 82350060-000
Plug-in Unit, Repeat 80409130-000
Plug-in Unit SLUDXIDXZ
Plug-in Unit TA-945/FTC
Plug-in Unit TA-942/FTC
Plug-in Unit TA-941/FTC
Plug-in Unit 82350020-000
Equalizer Group UE5
Plug-in Unit UE5-3
Plug-in Unit UE5-5
Plug-in Unit, Conference TA948FTC
Extender, Printed Wiring Board 80409160-000
Plug-in Unit ES2B
Ballast Lamp Assembly 90052015-000
Insulating Kit 209613-000
Oscillator Unit, Var 91-07020-00
Spring, Receiver Cli D109481A
Spring, Receiver Cli D109484A
Plate, Number Card D53176A
Plate, Cord Clamp D78541A
Cleat, Ground Wire S3456
Fastener, Jack 801197-000
Reel And Cord Assy 10X282
Key, Telegraph 2151AY1D
Bag SMD173749
Bag SMD173748

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