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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 13, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Telephone 200843-188
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si B810
Line Amplifier Modu 401DV
Bag SMD173745
Component Board Ass SMC743140
Shelf, Telephone Switch 1031-2
Single Frequency Si 1013-4
Strappable Pad Ampl 1033-3
Shelf, Telephone Switch 1031-1
Echo Suppressor 1017-1
Extender Card Elect NRC2128
Converter, E And M 1022-4
Release Magnet D730445A
Indicator, Frequency Separation 7716232G1
Generator, Ringing, Machine 586-401-1719469REVAPC3GENERAT0R
Dial, Telephone 213084-000
Receiver, Order Wire R1661FRC
Transmitter, Order Wire T1162FRC
Arm, Release P251701
Kwt26b CE78779
Kwr26b CE78780
Control Panel Assembly 220058
Printer, Signal Data 329094
Module Sub Assembly 316035-23-122
Window, Key Telephon P17A102
Panel, Push Button, K P19B677
Kit Repair Parts 370033-1
Guide, Tape 082563-00
Stop, Cover Support SMB539591
Shelf, Telephone Switch E42002PT492102-000
Shelf, Telephone Equipment E42481PT492081-000
Shelf, Telephone Switch E42003PT492103-000
Shelf, Telephone Switch E42476PT492078-000
Telephone Central Office Section GD-260388-1
Telephone Set EE8
Recorder, Telegraph Code, Tape RD112U
Telephone Set GL7025A0
Dial, Telephone 213094-000
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 815-1197077REVB
Switching Lever Ass 213449-000
Tape And Cartridge 211414-000
Pillar, Insulating A 200201-000
Y Gear Assy 205170-000
Base, Rackx X Wiper 203844-000
Holder, Telephone 200250-000
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable MK356G
Dial, Telephone 30-00GTEL-DL-CL R-BLC
Terminal, Telephone CF1A
Key, Telegraph D168923
Key, Telegraph 124600
Holder, Telephone 51085
Telephone Central Office Section GD260389
Holder, Telephone 977-3500-00REV0
Terminal, Telegraph ANFGC5
Dial, Telephone H70227
Control, Telegraph Line C2894FG
Telephone Circuit, C MX2631AMS
Telephone Set 45400-1
Information Desk Se DWGE42475PT492075-000
Telephone Set 575-00-OBA-30M
Telephone Set 325LW
Holder, Bristo Wrenc 507-6327-000
Telephone Dial Subassembly P75418
Sleeve, Telephone Cord SM-B-183398
Tuned Circuit 53432008-2
Tuned Circuit 43030008-003
Tuned Circuit 53432008-10
Tuned Circuit D53432008-11REV D
Tuned Circuit D53432008-13REV D
Tuned Circuit 53432008-16
Converter, Frequency, Electronic 80385010-000
Case, Electrical Equipment Cabine SCD335940GR0UP1
Weight, Cord, Switchboard 119C0RDWEIGHT
Send Unit, Basic Sup 19C300902G1
Converter, Frequency 102A
Dial, Telephone D84848C
Power Supply 126A
Cover Assembly, Telephone 0N003052
Cover, Filter Housin SCC140765
Chart Set UEA88T0UEA93
Case, Accessories C2027743-1
Generator, Ringing, Hand SM-D-189375
Armature, Telephone Ringer SM-C-168967
Sleeve, Telephone Cord B23181
Generator, Ringing TYPEA110V0LTS60CYCLE
Monitoring Set, Telephone X63656B1L1
Spring UP158
Cord, Pulley Assy 589929
Sleeve, Telephone Cord SM-B-183266
Shell, Telephone Base 841-037-294
Main Distributing Frame, Telephon H870893-1
Main Distributing Frame, Telephon H870894-1
Door, Terminal Box SM-D-335674
Switchboard, Telephone, Manual SB993GT
Adapter, Connector SCDL145577
Holder, Adapter, Conn 435-194-2
Telephone Set TA790U
Holder P220057
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable T32
Drawer, Terminal Set 10-002014

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