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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 04, 2020

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Switch, Telephone, Selector 721899-069
Shell, Telephone Base P79500-1
Cap, Trouble 2ACAPTR0UBLE
Strip, Designation 99ASTRIPDESIGNATI0N
Retainer 101053
Control Unit, Voltage 93G
Rod Assy, Select P76576-2
Switchboard, Telephone, Manual M1LS10399
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Jack SC-D-33704
Telephone Set SDSR-0019 BLACK
Telephone Set 565HKMSW-3
Case, Telephone Set 10915328
Panel, Front 556-3015-005
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si CV-2133/GTC-23
Modem Channel 19C302134G17S12
Switch, Telephone, Connector D236614A
Converter Subassemb C201756
Buzzer Assembly B101421
Converter Subassemb C201762
Shaft And Magnet As SCB108613
Switch, Telephone, Selector D-205766-A
Switch, Telephone, Finder D-205793
Timer, Telephone D858507A
Terminal, Telephone 90006000-000
Equalizerx Line CA316
Card Extender Assembly 108988
Telephone Set 405-7108PC100
Component Board 181002-743
Panel Assy E95040
Switch, Telephone, Connector D236628A
Switch, Telephone, Finder D205799A
Reel, Retraction 10X1326
Telephone Set 500-13BA20M
Deadend, Clevis Type 407LD
Control, Telegraph Line 522-5888-003
Telephone Set NT301A
Panel, Door, Dutch, Up 666155-121
Telephone Set 605850-721
Generator, Ringing, Machine DMS 83026B
Chamber, Cable Terminal S-1889--8 PTN0 101399
Cover, Tape Puller CE87457
Holder, Tape CE11863
Housing And Plunger 841-032-253-3
Telephone Set Base 102 637 105
Four Wire Terminati 900-11543-00
Network, Frequency 212Z13
Network, Frequency 212Z16
Bank, Cleaning Subas 932XISSUE1
Converter, Telephone M819-472B
Ff Hook Light Asse A3000817
Shaft, Telephone Swt D46515A
Main Distributing Frame, Telephon H871057-1
Amplifier-pilot Regulator SCD63313
Cleaner, Wiper S9913TYPE16365
Connector Assemble A23287
Switch, Cam 46982-1REVC
Module 33270036
Module D300288
Module 33270045
Module D300460
Module D300289
Module D300286
Module 33274004
Module 33270042
Module D300407
Control, Telephone S D492-5008
Holder 66-6525
Converter S60
Transmitter 4H
Transmitter T4
Transmitter 3T
Cushion, Switch Moun RC35
Electronic Assembly 33204082
Electronic Subassem D300096-3
Electronic Subassem 33270040
Electronic Subassem 33274007
Telephone Central Office Group, D GH883918
Spring Assembly Con D735109A
Dial Mounting Assem 1754M1-28-69
Repeater, Telephone TA287G
Demultiplexer 0N010360-230V50HZ
Component Board 181002-735
Component Board 181002-739
Telephone 183NB830AA
Dial, Telephone 24A36
Holder, Telephone 546017
Dial, Telephone AK22WAK24DISP
Central Office, Telephone, Manual AN/TTC-7A
Extender Card 80145010-000
Case, Receiver-trans CY4635GRC103V
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 80145080-000
Network, Telegraph F58075
Frequency Supply, Telephone Carri 7972-01
Equalizer, Telephone Line 087-30157-02
Signal Assembly, Switchboard 087-47591-01
Generator, Ringing, Static 48092000
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 80145060-000
Kit, Rolling Ladder 3EACHPT405-3EACHPT407-8EACHPT408
Seat, Rolling Ladder 409

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