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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

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Generator, Ringing, Machine TA20M
Demodulator 522-6790-003
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si 455-493
Terminal Set, Telegraph-telephone F57313
Interrupter, Ringing, Telephone A0068649
Frequency Supply, Telephone Carri 19C302737G1
Carrier System, Telephone 19C310284G26
Frequency Supply, Telephone Carri 19C310284G5
Frequency Supply, Telephone Carri 19C310284G27
Carrier System, Telephone 19C310284G3
Frequency Supply, Telephone Carri 19C310284G10
Carrier System, Telephone 19C310284G36
Frequency Supply, Telephone Carri 19C310284G6
Frequency Supply, Telephone Carri 19C310284G29
Pulse Detector Asse 600219-536-001
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si 19C310452G1S1
Channel Shifter, Voice Frequency 19C302134G14A
Channel Shifter, Voice Frequency 19C302134G19A
Pad, Transistor Mount D440492A
Handset Holder And 453-610-001-603
Frequency Extender, Telephone 212M0D3
Modulatorring 0N0-10388
Telephone Set NE631QA1-03
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si VPT2
Tone Power Unit KH840933A30A
Tone Generator KH850403A30A
Card Assembly KH840939A30C
Shell, Telephone Base 111616
Dial, Telephone P999-213REVG
Central Office, Telephone, Manual ANMTC1
Switchboard, Telephone, Manual SB1398GTA14V
Telephone Set 1274025-501
Telephone Set 1274017-501
Repeater, Telephone 1274067-501
Repeater, Telephone 1274186-501
Repeater, Telephone 1274162-501
Main Distributing Frame, Telephon 492741-000
Telephone Terminal Group ANMTA4
Telephone Switchboard Group ANMTA3
Dial, Telephone 9HA-3
Relay, Start 353414-000
Relay, Interrupter 353220-000
Main Distributing Frame, Telephon H460100-2
Filler Can KS16366
Wiper Cleaner KS16365
Drying Pad LIST2-16297
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati SB2727SRR
Terminal, Telegraph-telephone AN/TCC-29
Intermediate Distributing Frame, 6273G1
Matrix Card KH850400A10D
Key, Telegraph RE26F112F
Telephone Terminati TA5321FCC18V
Modulator, Super Gro 19C301319G2
Modulator, Super Gro 19C301319G1
Demodulator, Super G MD656FCC
Switchboard Telepho GD260305A
Terminal, Telegraph TH22TG
Telephone Central Office Group, M ANMTC10
Channel Group 0A7612FCC
Control Supergroup 19C301513G17
Channel Shifter, Voice Frequency 19C302134G16
Channel Shifter, Voice Frequency 19C302134G18
Channel Shifter, Voice Frequency 19C302134G20
Modem, Channel 19C302134G21
Channel Shifter, Voice Frequency MD641FCC
Channel Shifter, Voice Frequency MD642FCC
Channel Shifter, Voice Frequency 19C302134G15
Telephone 2287158G3
Amplifier, Baseband 19C301324G1
Electronic Subassem MC10022
Guide 63-9016-1201-10
Electronic Subassem 634B
Electronic Subassem 651A
Control, Send Level 2380655G1
Switch, Oscillatorx 19C302110G1
Telephone Set 111600
Applique H75592
Reverse Battery Tes DH610036-71A
Telephone Set 815-1853038S4MD0L2920
Block, Connecting 57A2A6
Matrix Card KH850400A10B
Signal, Switchboard DH85837-72A
Repeater, Telephone H884301-1
Repeater, Telephone DH75650A708A
Tone Receiverxsubas 302-09
Tone Receiverxsubas 302-13
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 483392-000
Coreboard Assembly 602020
Oscillator And Oven 90034007-009
Oscillator And Oven 90034007-008
Oscillator And Oven 90034007-002
Oscillator And Oven 90034007-007
Core Memory Unit SMB574471
Equalizer, Telephone Line 202885-503
Oscillator And Oven 90034007-010
Circuit Plate, Trunk 410062-011
Connecting, Block S66A2-50
Generator, Digital Clock Pulse 0A8072G
Switch, Telephone, Crossbar SA874FSA41
Flip, Flop, Microelec 262416

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