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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 12, 2020

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Keyer 37264507
Electronic Components Assembly 262594-1
Converter Chassis 262597
Control Chassis 262596
Key, Telegraph KY562U
Central Office, Telephone, Manual ANMTCILESSP0WER
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 2630685
Switch-lamp Assembl 635A2KEY
Switch-lamp Assembl 635C2CKEY
Demodulator Subassembly 790-07757-01
Battery Eliminator 605850-600
Frequency Extender, Telephone 90037016-000
Electronic Componen 262594-8
Monitor, Multiplexer 790-02623-01
Telephone Dial Subassembly D84962A
Telephone Terminal Subassembly D84963A
Correed KR-10025-22
Control, Announcer-r DH850427A73A
Trunk Equipment DH850427A74A
Trunk Equipment DH850467A72A
Converter Subassemb SMC528652
Converter Subassemb SMD528511
Converter Subassemb SMC528624
Telephone Terminal Subassembly F-2-GWITHS-50-G
Cable Closure 100MB
Chamber, Cable Terminal 200-MB
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 448082-000
Shelf, Telephone Switch D241712B
Terminal, Telephone S66A1-25
Chamber, Cable Terminal S66A2-25
Cable Terminal R66A4-50G
Card Assy, Amplifier KH840918A30A
Demodulator 790-02611-01REVA
Bridge 4w 4w 564-9579-014
Oscillator Frequenc 922-0653-000REVC
Terminal, Telegraph ANUCC1DVCHAN1-4REC
Converter, Direct Cu CV2225FTC31V
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si SMD574529-2
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Jack DH75650A72A
Chamber, Cable Terminal GB-21A2-P
Coupling E240L
Spacer SK289MF
Cabinet 29C2
Fitting, Plastic Sheath USF-1A
Terminal, Housing 60
Stake S54
Block G1033
Gun, Pressure 7534
Oscillator Unit Plu 7690302
Control, Telephone Line 91-070201
Chamber, Cable Terminal BF100
Chamber, Cable Terminal BF300
Telephone Terminal Subassembly SMD615348GR1
Telephone Terminal Subassembly SMD615349
Telephone Terminal Subassembly SMD615353
Central Office, Telephone, Manual ANTTC29LESSP0WER
Terminal, Telegraph ANUCC1DVCHAN1-8REC
Protector, Space Sav 688-6899
Control, Telephone Line 2326424
Release Magnet And Bracket Assem D732023A
Module 512679G1
Control, Telephone Line 512698G1
Module 512678G1
Module 512681G1
Klystron Distributi 087-26906-01
Central Office, Telephone, Manual ANMTC7LESSP0WERUNIT
Terminal, Telegraph-telephone ANMCC6LESSP0WER
Central Office, Telephone, Manual ANMTC3LESSP0WERUNIT
Terminal, Telegraph ANMSC29LESSP0W
Module, Terminal Tel SR127-12
Power Supply SM-E-527005
Channel Transmittin 80302-01
Panel Assembly, Dum SMD526592
Demodulator Channel 61-00696-001
Modem Oscillator 8653766-4
Frequency Divider 61-00693-001
Panel, Telephone Switchboard SM-D-529513
Telephone Set TA676G
Master Alarm, Module 522A
Housing, Cable Terminal 521-0574
Chamber, Cable Terminal BD4A
Housing, Cable Terminal BD2WITHMS1342
Housing, Cable Terminal RI30P
Holder, Telephone 29DBRACKET
Control Selector, Te 324006-7
Generator, Ringing, Static SMC552156
Muffler B100011
Key, Telegraph 122-00
Generator, Ringing, Static GACJB731C-2
Panel, Telephone Switchboard SM-E-52818
Converter Subassemb SMD528515
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si SCDL528649
Carrier System, Telephone 790-03009-01
Telephone Set TA466AGTC8
Terminal, Telegraph 2037
Seat Assembly, Plug 592570
Switch, Telephone, Selector DH580070-11B
Exhaust D30279-901
Skid Assembly C30997
Panel, Telephone Switchboard 815-1197077PC9

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