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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 08, 2020

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Telephone K500-00LR20M
Telephone K554-00LR30M
Generator, Ringing, Machine 10452T
Switch Key And Lamp MX4427G
Transmission Unit Support 607260
Shaft 1746
Shaft 01288
Washer 4560
Shaft 2156
Pawl Assembly 01399
Shaft 1700
Arm 01677
Lever 6002-479
Arm 02600
Bar 1674
Repeater, Telephone 8619801-502
Insulator 684AT00L
Generator, Ringing, Static TF20MA
Dial Unit, Assembly J53033E1L1ANDWA
Pawl Assembly, Retainer 300695-172
Telephone Circuit, Line Relay 427077-011
Circuit Plate Assem 427082-011
Switch, Telephone, Mi PW56962-1Z
Block Assembly 314804
Electronic Subassem 564-1625-004
Adapter, Cable 133B
Chamber, Cable Terminal 11ASPLICECASE
Adapter, Cable 133E
Chamber, Cable Terminal 9ASPLICECASE
Board Assy, Duplex P 8619787-501
Board Assy, Voice Br 8619788-501
Sensor, Channel MU512
Module, Amplifier MU513Z
Key, Telegraph KY616U
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si CV-425/U
Adjusting Unit CD10RDC3
Adjusting Unit 66-1582
Adjusting Unit CK127
Line Trap RY23CS
Line Trap 4RY30D2
Line Trap MD1200
Line Trap PDF800
Line Trap P800
Strip, Designation 517270
Telephone Circuit, E 427035-031
Panel Signal Distri SB1179UGC
Telegraph Terminal ANUCC1V
Terminal, Telegraph 90103100-000
Terminal, Telephone AN/FTA-20
Panel, Telephone, Sound Powered ICA1
Dial, Telephone Z26236-1
Demultiplexer Subassembly 790-01071-01
Link, Selector SMB374660
Correed KR10500-11
Correed KR10501-11
Correed KR10502-11
Correed KR10505-11
Correed KR10506-11
Correed KR10509-11
Correed KR20006-14
Correed KR20006-15
Delay Equalizer 90052040-001
Delay Equalizer 90052040-006
Generator, Ringing, Static F1
Chamber, Cable Terminal 20D2SPLICECASE
Chamber, Cable Terminal 21A1SPLICECASE
Chamber, Cable Terminal 21A2SPLICECASE
Chamber, Cable Terminal 21C2
Dial, Telephone 6044B3DIALM0UNTING
Chamber, Cable Terminal 20A1SPLICECASE
Chamber, Cable Terminal 20B1SPLICECASE
Chamber, Cable Terminal 21C1SPLICECASE
Case, Splice 20C1
Chamber, Cable Terminal 21B2P
Case, Splice 21D1
Chamber, Cable Terminal 21D2SPLICECASE
Comparator Group, Signal Data 310
Ringer, Telephone E1A42
Chamber, Cable Terminal A0207063
Telephone NB941ASL
Telephone Terminal Subassembly P41N300
Carbon And Sleeve Assembly P5841
Carbon, Protector Unit P8532
Basic Super Group U 5496193G1
Eyelet, Interposer SP932
Guide, Interposer SP923
Pusher SP504
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si 758-5551-002
Dial, Telephone 6E41DIAL
Dial, Telephone 102-329-547
Switchboard Subasse GD3570
Module, Inverter 602370
Module, Driving Inverter 602374
Case, Splice 20D1
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si 522-7558-013
Post, Threaded 47-89750A01
Correed KR10503-11
Modem, Channel 19C302134G118A
Modem Channel 19C302134G16S11

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