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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Jul 30, 2020

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Modem Channel 19C302134G17A
Modem Channel 19C302134G17S11
Modem, Channel 19C302134G19S11
Signal, Switchboard B4011705
Tone Reciever Board 302-17
Dial, Telephone 8AA
Case, Electrical Equ SMD552200GR2
Cover Assembly SMC55201
Telephone Answer And Record Set 444
Telephone Answer And Record Set 370
Pre-amplifier Board Assembly 2467-12-1
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable FX12-50S
Rack, Circuit Card Assembly 8170-RG1
Telephone Set 516HLW-51
Headset Station M3145
Transcriber, Telephone 130
Telephone Circuit, Line Relay BV3R246-1
Dial, Telephone 3300(D)
Key, Telephone Unit 401B962
Telegraph Repeater Subassembly TLC 4835-1
Telephone Set 500ABMW-3
Isolator, Digital R-205SIMPLEX
Bar, Mounting Kit P1.KTUBAR19
Terminating Set, Tel 443
Hub 186213
Test Fixture, Telephone TS-3587/GTC
Test Fixture, Telephone TS-3589/GTC
Test Fixture, Telephone TS-3590/GTC
Test Fixture, Telephone T064T041-01
Test Fixture, Telephone T064T045-01
Equalizer, Telephone Line CN-1468/FTC
Shell, Telephone Base 79489-101
Key, Telegraph 000637-00E
Switchboard, Telephone, Manual D78621A
Telephone Set TA-840A/U
Line Connector Box 0N209144
Contactor 2561-043
Interrupter, Ringing, Telephone 996-222-162
Sleeve, Telephone Cord 0362-0251
Key Sender Assembly SM-D-751181
Telephone Set 102 828 837WITH102 802 220
Telephone Set 500ADMW-60
Key Service Unit H886501-95
Ringer, Telephone R1A
Key, Telegraph 202D
Dial, Telephone 1066A3A61DIAL
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable C3701
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable BB3-24SW/SB/2SC
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable C3703
Terminal, Telephone R720-100
Monitoring Set, Telephone PVM-400
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable 8960
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable 8963
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable 21A1
Conference Bridge, Telephone SSP-321
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable 8985
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable 8986
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable 8983
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable 8981
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable 80-6100-6970-2
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable 8984-07
Test Fixture, Telephone TS-3588/GTC
Scrambler, Audio Signal 204-18471-2
Telephone Terminal Group 4EC61A10 W/INTERFACE
Converter, Analog-di 865116
Circuit Card Lamp Board 385035
Module, Data Signal 451
Power Unit 34C2
Panel, Telephone Switchboard 601A
Switch, Telephone N9335A
Telephone Set 100001-275
Telephone Answering And Recordin X01-701
Key, Telephone Unit 401/A/962
Restorer, Pulse Form SM-D-938516
Power Supply, Modula 3XS2041
Telephone Test Desk TYPE 1
Telephone Set ND-902000-CSA
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable 9P224C-2SEC2
End Cap 80-6101-4527-0
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable BB4-24/GEL
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable 9P526C-2SEC5
End Cap 3-MEC
Flexible Cable Assy 755090A0344-1
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable BB3X24-4424 HIGH GEL
Telephone Terminal Subassembly SM-C-339572
Telephone Set GB10560A
Telephone 50200(1R)30M375
Control, Telephone Line 539A1S1
Test Jack 0000B4570
Paging Relay Box ETA103S42
Telephone Answering System NT-100-1
Retainer Assembly SC-B-444330 AND SC-B-444331
Dial, Telephone AP1816
Generator, Ringing, Machine SMD744873
Compensator 942158
Cover, Front 51104-3-002
Cover, Headset 755090A0470-1
Cover, Tape Puller 755090A0484-1
Switch Assembly, Pus SM-A-743208-5
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati SB-2727A/SRR

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