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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

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Switch, Cradle, Telep D-735394-B
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 80006210-000
Comparator, Dual Div 110PB
Pin, Roller D5762
Frequency Divider-p 790-09021-01
Dog Assembly, Double D34011A
Telephone Set SM-C-105100
Switch, Telephone, Crossbar 666106-395
Telephone Holder 10873165
Dial, Telephone D84944D
Panel, Telephone Switchboard 181001-005
Generator, Ringing, Static DMS 83026B
Shelf, Telephone Switch D241700AANDDH580092A22A
Chamber, Cable Terminal C2R4C-12
Chamber, Cable Terminal NF-25WITH12FTSTUB
Chamber, Cable Terminal ST16C
Chamber, Cable Terminal NH16CABLETERMINALE/W12FTSTUB
Chamber, Cable Terminal NH25EWITH12FTSTUB
Chamber, Cable Terminal 49D2CABLETERMINAL
Chamber, Cable Terminal 49A1CABLETERMINAL
Equalizer, Telephone Line 359BEQUALIZER
Terminal, Telephone 1CTERMINATINGSET
Rectifier Assembly 4738-003
Insulat0r, Disc 4036555P1
Telephone Connecting Station A1-462C
Ringer, Telephone A1-492C
Telephone Terminal Subassembly A1-451C
Telephone Connecting Station A1-481C
Terminal, Telegraph 2036
Latch Assembly D17171G2
Signal, Switchboard MX4455G
Switchboard, Telepho 625009-351
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Signalin 910-27820-01
Termination Cable 353-3
Telephone Set Assy 0N026670-1
Telephone Set Assy 0N026670-3
Perforator, Tape 113497
Retainer, Spring, Low 309694
Box Telephone SMD603209
Multiplexer Subasse 61-00681-001
Switchboard, Telephone, Manual 406027-042
Terminal Set, Teleph ANTCC69LESSP0WERUNIT
Terminal, Telegraph-telephone F57400
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 230BKEYTELEPH0NEUNIT
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable T20B1-16
Splice Case T20B1-11
Splice Case T20A1-16
Chamber, Cable Terminal C1R4C-12F
Chamber, Cable Terminal C1R4C-18F
Chamber, Cable Terminal RPT25
Chamber, Cable Terminal 150Y
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable 20D1
Splice Case T20A1-11
Chamber, Cable Terminal C1R4C-25PF
Terminal, Telegraph ANTSC58
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si KH-850473-A20A
Telephone Set, Sound L8023AB
Housing, Lower D490108B
Signal, Switchboard 27817
Shaft Assembly 207306-000
Cover ST51PSHC
Telephone Set 65012-000
Telephone GL9022A0
Bar, Adapter B26019
Amplifier-oscillator, Telephone 2571E
Generator, Ringing, Signal 2667A
Terminal, Telephone 1887-792
Base, Telegraph-telephone Signal MT4080VCC
Control Terminal Set C7827VCC
Distributing Ring 13C
Typepallet 155473
Typepallet 161366
Cam 198237
Key Assembly, Switch 6040GW3
Cover, Panel F57758
Correed Assembly KR10508-11
Monitor, Tone 662B
Detector, Signal 649A
Telephone Connecting And Switchi 4017591-0701
Monitor, Ringing 5882-002
Alarm, Pilot DH850440A71A
Oscillator Assembly H887243
Telephone Circuit U33860-012
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si 60A
Ringer Box, Telephone 9076561
Pin Guide SMC745110
Holder, Telephone Pr SMA742462
Cover, Mesh SMD751546
Box, Metal DLSM-B-745025
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Signalin 433852-011
Telephone Circuit, Line-trunk Rel 433851-021
Modification Kit, Telephone Equip ANUCC1DVFC1
Control, Oscillator 690123
Switching, Control U 397-1379-1
Frequency Signaling 35-001
Ringer Box, Telephone L1508XXM
Tone Receiver Unit 900-80499-00
Release Arm, Spring D735472A
Telephone Set TA838TT
Finger Wheel, Telephone Dial AK33

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