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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 05, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Shield Radio Freque 629-5683-001
Shield Radio Freque 629-5675-003
Shield Radio Freque 629-5675-004
Telephone Set TA980U
Cap, Clear Plastic 585-12
Telephone Set TA-970/U
Receiver, Order Wire LG36FCS66
Chassis, Filter Asse 623-0225-001
Shield, Transistor 629-6495-001
Panel, Telephone Switchboard 6423
Shield, Backplane 9079
Plate-end 623-0099-001
Buffer Alarm 90613
Frequency Supply, Telephone Carri 90605
Ringer, Telephone D-56548-C20R
Window, Light Displa 623-1873-001
Interface-test Set TA78020
Switchboard, Manual 65014-000
Shield, Radio Freque 623-0148-001
Key, Telegraph KY-872-PRC-104
Dns Telephone Assy 121956
Magnetic Mounting Plate 15050-000
Translator, Signal Data 528-0720-001
Cover, Keyword 9102
Ring, Coupling 6770
Cover-keyword 6770-1
Telephone Answering And Recordin 690
Switch Assembly, Push 106514
Chassis Unit, Transm 8-6A006020
Audio Unit 8-6A006034
Telephone Set 101-070444-002
Telephone Answering System 174-38
Bar Assembly, Panel SM-C-526719GP1
Dial, Telephone 870A2MW-58
Telephone Set 102 955 507
Telephone Set 101171429
Switch, Telephone, Selector 1A1KTU
Central Office, Telephone, Manual AE STROWGER(400 LINE)
Block, Connecting 625FW-50
Unit, Power, Telephone 90B1
Telephone Set 2872A2M-58
Telephone Set 101-990-000
Memory, Keyword, Modem 9100-2
Sticker, Red 200430-2
Bridge, Conference 9310-01
Applique, Telephone 9315-00
Applique, Telephone 9316-00
Applique, Telephone 9317-00
Unit, Power, Telephone 846
Module, Telephone 4250-00
Module, Telephone 4251-00
Module, Telephone 4253-00
Module, Telephone 4254-00
Conference Bridge, Telephone 9311-00
Unit, Power, Telephone 95B1
Unit, Power, Telephone 79B5
Adapter 223D
Telephone Set 568HAAMSW-51
Cord, Telephone 102347184
Reactor Audio SM-A-938528
Jack PJ959
Telephone Set 2870A1W-50
Switchboard SB-3145/U
Handset Cord 102-402-518
Connecting Block 42A49
Switch, Telephone, Selector 1A2KTU
Telephone Circuit, Dial Cord 102937588
Central Office, Telephone, Manual AE STROWGER(400 LINE
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Relay JC-4/24M
Generator, Ringing, Static B93-085100ISS2-5800P851-001
Memory Unit 9100-6
Coupler Modem, Telephone 1234
Interface, Telephone Recorder Cou NX-519-0
Shell, Handset 303102-309
Deck, Telephone 303102-409
Ringer, Telephone 148ABA
Dial, Telephone 176000-101SUB
Telephone Set 815-1853038
Plate, Mounting, Control-indicator 623-1316-003
Carrier System, Telephone B310
Wideband Truck Appl MX-10107/F
Module, Expansion 703500-082
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 680AE-14-58
Switchboard, Telephone, Manual DIMENSION 100
Translator, Signal Data 2864987-1
Telephone Set SC-1800-9B91WAXX
Scrambler, Audio Signal 204-18471-4
Terminal, Telegraph AN-UCC-1C(V)N SYS
Modification Kit, Communication, E SC-D-960368
Interrupter, Ringing, Telephone 8993420-04
Module Telephone A91-483100
Applique Signal Uni 457
Main Card File CF880
Signal Card CP820
Telephone Connecting Station CP850
Telephone Intercom CP 853
Telephone Intercom CP-854C
Telephone Connecting Station DP-1000
Switch, Telephone, Selector DP 1900
Ringer Box, Telephone AR-100

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