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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 07, 2020

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Transit Case Mcmu 124503
Central Office, Telephone, Automat AN/TTC-39(V)4
Converter, Dial Loop 81200010-001
Generator, Ringing, Machine TD20MA
Control, Remote Swit C-10333/TTC-39(V)
Plug, Shorting 11433825S
Telephone 576160-G02
Armature Teletype 333119
Switch Bank Multiple, Telephone FACC-WDL-SC-666158-EM-0500
Dial, Telephone CAP 932-1
Cover, Tape Puller SM-D-528720
Shield Screen 25014-1
Telephone Set TA-840B/U
Call-signal Station 702019-289
Call-signal Station 4676931-0004
Housing Assembly SM-B-992296
Tester, Terminal Activity RS449-422
Call-signal Station 702019-292
Call-signal Station A380S18 TYPE 7
Frequency Divider 70418-305
Plate Subassy Jack B-26671
Telephone Set 200809-1
Modem Module MFS2880-150
Dial, Telephone 22097
Adapter, Tone-signalling TA-955/PT
Telephone Set 102 955 713
Generator, Ringing, Machine SM-D-811332
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 9121
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 9131
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si 063-3707-01
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si 9961C
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si 063-3708-01
Microcircuit Carrie 1000-286
Terminal, Motor 1000-287
Pulley-capstan Moto 1000-295
Belt 1000-314
Signaling Module, Common 063-3686-01
Telephone Conference Group MODEL 630
Switch, Cross Bar 324N
Telephone Set TA-975A-WTC-2(V)
Test Board, Local-toll 9806
Power Distribution- B4030205
Dial Base Assembly 200650
Dial, Telephone 200651
Converter, Dc Voltage C48D1.8
Dial, Telephone 200608
Dial, Telephone 200611
Pull, Panel 200321
Dial, Telephone 200602
Resistor Board Assembly 9020514-000
Dialer, Telephone, Automatic PAKXT1235
Central Office, Telephone, Automat TA-1021/FSC
Telephone Terminal Subassembly SAAD-D-40531
Servo Assembly 1000-121
Telegraph Set 301573-1
Telephone Set K861-13F-BA56M
Chamber, Cable Terminal B36
Backplane Assembly 304262-01
Telephone Circuit, Dial Cord 103 479 888
Telephone 23400-502
Distribution Ring P43X237
Telephone Set T1878
Telephone Set 2564HLMS-60
Bonding Kit, Telephone D-180575
Telephone 25000-VBA-20M
Chamber, Cable Terminal 102390879
Chamber, Cable Terminal 102390853
Chamber, Cable Terminal 102390846
Chamber, Cable Terminal 102449345
Chamber, Cable Terminal C-4550-3
Chamber, Cable Terminal 102390861
Chamber, Cable Terminal 102449063
Telephone Set GB-5955-00-BA-30N
Kit, Grounding Strap DM-2446
Telephone Set 720014-422
Generator, Ringing, Machine D-24
Telephone Set 3568HHMW60
Telephone Set GB5955D-14
Telephone Set 250009-MBA-20M
Telephone Set 2554-09-MBA-44M
Shelf, Rack Adapter 90281164-000
Telephone Set 102 402 419
Switchboard, Telephone, Manual MCBX
Holder, Telephone SC-C-578380
Modem, Digital Data MD1159U
Panel, Telephone Switchboard 8381030-501
Telephone Set ATL7064-1
Telephone Connecting And Switchi 0N347489-1
Generator, Ringing, Static 8503-00
Telephone Set 083100-MBA-46M
Telephone Set 2510FMW-60
Telephone Connecting And Switchi 0N347489-2
Adjustment Stem Ay 10636PC.D
Finger Wheel, Telephone Dial P11E007
Cabinet-rack Assembly 8066010-10
Table Top, Code Recorder 1580983-1
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 7350-00
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 103 191 185
Relay Rack, Telephone 514265
Telephone Set CS500DM3

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