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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 05, 2020

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Control, Telephone Line 68399122
Frequency Supply, Telephone Carri 68399123-001
Conference Bridge, Telephone 68399121
Terminal, Telephone 621170-000-001
Equalizer, Telephone Line 900000600
Adapter, Dual Jack 279-357
Receiver-transmitte 651B/652B/654B
Compressor Limitor M-270RM
Chamber, Cable Terminal KBS10-100-36L
Telephone, Window De 0N270714
Receiver-transmitte 654B/652B/651B
Telephone Set 793084-1
Card Cage SM-E-820414
Telephone Set GB2565M-05-MBA42
Telephone Set F-6130-2
Chamber, Cable Terminal BC13030
Telephone 41670-01
Control Panel 549820-100
Display 549826-100
Air Sensor SM-C-817472
Display 549830
Processor 549800
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 7480
Repeater, Telephone 621183-000-001
Cord, Headset, Telephone 7200-25-W
Key, Telegraph IAMBIC
Telephone 500-00-0BA-21M
Conference Bridge, Telephone 4151A
Control Panel, Ground To Ground 7510A
Keyer-message Converter MBA-RO
Chamber, Cable Terminal KB10-100-36
Switch Test 1669926-101
Chamber, Cable Terminal 4288-100
Generator, Ringing, Machine 8101
Generator, Ringing, Static 5153-319
Chamber, Cable Terminal 4288-50
Telephone Terminal Subassembly TLC4705
Bracket, Pc Guide C4190
Ruby Window C4187
Plate Assembly D9416
Front Panel D9391
Cover, Front Panel D9390
Central Office, Tele AN/TTC-39A(V)1
Control Device, Term C-11767/TTC-41 ()
Control Device, Syst C-11766/TTC-41 ()
Receiver-power Supp 652B/654B
Plate, Telephone Face 253C4
System Control Grou OL-415/TYQ-35(V)
Operations Group OL-413/TTC-47
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si 6104
Acoustic Adapter 410-115-1
Telephone Set SE26
Telephone Set SW-123
Telephone Set SW-23(MOD)
Keyboard Display Gr OD-171/TTC-39(V)
Telephone Set 01-1391590-1
Holder, Telephone 5550222 ITEM 3
Recorder, Telephone CODE A PHONE 2540
System Control Grou OL-416/TYQ-35(V)
Keystrip 3815-M
Telephone Connecting Station 3407
Intermediate Distributing Frame, 400UA-11
Base, Telephone 28000-502
Central Office, Telephone, Dial SM-D-820300-2
Telephone Set MWTH-198
Telephone SER-86
Telephone Set 50ALT0
Dial, Telephone TP95G
Base, Telephone GB183A1
Control Unit, Interp 5088-1-1
Cradle Assy, Telepho 5083-81-1
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si 204-91338
Panel, Telephone, Sound Powered 871-01
Paging Accessory, Te TP-9
Terminal, Telephone IP-1548/G
Panel, Telephone Switchboard 3900
Shield Output Assemble 755090A0736-2
Switchboard, Telephone, Manual 02-2733450-1
Control, Orderwire G369275
Telephone Terminal Subassembly R722-100A-30
Switch, Telephone, Crossbar 2-C
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Relay 102-932-837
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Relay 102 922 648
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Relay 102 922 655
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Relay 102 922 689
Translator, Signal Data 7728
Telephone Set SWT4-H
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 04-2731904-1
Telephone Set 2851-BC-CW-946S
Ringer, Telephone 703027-510
Ringer, Telephone 703027-788
Dial, Telephone 703801-058
Dial, Telephone 703027-508
Telephone 4300-BCDC
Hookswitch, Plunger 840-06 ITEM-13
Telephone Circuit, Line-trunk Rel 10B350
Panel, Front Assembly 074-00001-21
Telephone, Remote An AC588
Telephone 65021-013
Ringer, Telephone 9361

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