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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 04, 2020

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Telephone Set 65022-009
Telephone Set 84-01 ALT 2/ITEM E-523-17
Repeater Group, Telephone 82.4024B
Telephone Set SE-12 ALT 0
Telephone Connecting Station P-401644
Indicator 622-5128-102
Switch, Telephone, Selector 2901-DPT64-28-PS
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 3411B
Telephone 51 ALT 0
Chassis Assembly D5679-2
Telephone Set 85-01 ALT 2/ITEM E-523-21
Telephone Set 4403
Board, Extender 3086J91-001
Power Module 074-00002-75
Output Module Assembly 074-00002-73
Output Module Assembly 074-00002-74
Ringer, Telephone 4804
Telephone Set 245-01 ALT 2
Telephone Set 43000-WT-S
Chamber, Cable Terminal 350-2114
Telephone Set 128-01
Telephone System DTS 1202-2
Station Master 18087-1
Telephone Set 280244-MOE-20M
Telephone Set 280644-MOE-60S
Chamber, Cable Terminal 552759-1
Digital Pbx FOCUS 960
Telephone Set 280544-MOE-60S
Telephone Connecting Station 5496762-9
Telephone Set HDP266
Telephone Set HDP267
Generator, Ringing, Static 93-850200
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Relay 28-02S
Telephone Set SER (MOD)-19
Telephone Set SELR (MOD)-8
Telephone Set MWT-R-19
Telephone Set MWT-R-8
Telephone Set SFLR (MOD)-19
Telephone Terminal Group NT6K90
Telephone Set R-42000-BK
Telephone Set SELR-196
Telephone 2500-44MBA-20M
Equalizer, Telephone Line 6320
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 4201
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 2-42930-0512
Telephone 9325
Telephone Set 8300-FWE-43-35-S
Telephone System 110296-001
Ringer, Telephone 000130-0BA
Ringer, Telephone 000153-ABA
Repeater, Telegraph 8167730-1
Telephone Connecting Station 181427-102
Base, Telephone 182940-111
Telephone Set UM-DTSB-ID
Telephone Set UM-TTSF
Telephone Set UM-TTSB-L
Telephone Connecting Station 181427-105
Telephone Set UM-DTSB-MR
Telephone Set UM-TTSD
Transceiver Module 4311-02
Telephone Circuit, Line Relay QNB425E1A
Telephone Dial Subassembly 184423-013
Dial, Telephone 3013-00G
Telephone Circuit, Operator's 903165
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Signalin 903168
Main Distributing Frame, Telephon MPBX-200ENCL
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable KB-S1
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable 80-6100-8713-4NS
Backboard, Telephone GB183A2
Backboard, Telephone GB187B1
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 8167733-1
Dial, Telephone EB43000BK/586-04 ALT 1
Telephone System 10292056
Ringer, Telephone UATV-6-MO
Telephone Set SE-196
Telephone Set MWTH-86 REV. M
Telephone Set SELR (MOD)-19
Switch Telephone Sx SX-200 GENERIC 1000
Switch, Telephone, Selector 1135646G9
Dial, Telephone 1135646G13
Dial, Telephone 1135646G7
Telephone Connecting And Switchi PMSLA-16-MF
Generator, Ringing, Machine 487110400
Telephone Set SFLR-23
Keyer-message Converter 4067830-0701
Light, Signal Item 903299
Adapter, Fixed Plant, Telephone 96790000-002
Keyer-message Converter 21000572-000
Line Guard 41434
Telephone Circuit, Cord 102796968
Telephone Circuit, Cord 102370905
Telephone Set 281175-MOE-60M
Telephone Set 281575-MOE-20M
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 13010845
Telephone Set 281975-MOE-60M
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 66400-450
Telephone Set SELR-210
Central Office, Telephone, Dial 3815-L
Central Office, Telephone, Dial 3813-L-P
Case, Storage, Disc 76215800#

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