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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

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Holder, Number Tape D-65112-D
Number Plate, Telephone Dial 164A
Blank, Dial D49609A
Plunger Switch Plat 62391
Plunger 58746
Gland, Watertight WTA2534
Gland, Watertight WTA2512
Plate, Indicator W47-64
Hook SC-C-22532
Hook P214961
Arm SC-D-14006DET1
Arm SCD17109DET8
Ringer, Telephone 801911
Ringer, Telephone D56441B
Ringer, Telephone D161769
Ringer, Telephone A9175
Ringer, Telephone D163966TYPE592
Generator Spring Re SCD817DET10
Strap End SCD4156ITEM7
Contact Spring D109538
Handle 1
Number Plate, Telephone Dial D53620A
Armature, Generator SCD816ITEM15-16-32
Shaft Assy, Generator SCD819ITEM26
Foot BA154534
Chassis SCD20068GP1
Telephone Dial Moun 42256-000
Plate SCD1789FDET4
Center Piece SC-D-20080ITEM14
Block SC-D-20066ITEM1
Plate SCD20071-11
Converter, Frequency Shift 7714-1
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 37264506-1
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 37264507-1
Shell UP50318
Bushing Rubber 294113
Bracket BA434236
Base SCD2001ITEM15
Switchboard Section, Telephone, Ma SC-D-4258
Plate SCD20070ITEM6
Clip And Square Ass SCD1786ITEM5-6
Plate Assembly SCD4227ITEM5-6-7-8
Plate WTA2515
Plate F2536
Trouble Cap 2ACAPLAMP
Holder, Designator P D490157A
Telephone Set TA814G
Switchboard, Telephone, Manual SB3082GT
Telephone Set TA938G
Kit, Repair Parts DH610144A42AKA
Kit, Repair Parts DH75650A706AK
Terminal, Telegraph-telephone 3541
Ballast, Lamp Assemb 368-43798-1
Central Office, Telephone, Manual ANTTC35V1
Ringer Box, Telephone 9076677
Telephone 65021-049
Collar, Dial Telepho D41514A
Dial, Telephone 33G
Telephone 500-05BA20M
Telephone GB654-14-BA-30M
Ringing Supply C93-085000
Control, Telephone Line 0K267V2TTC38V
Dial, Telephone TA45CGT
Signal, Switchboard 104822-2
Signal, Switchboard 120145-1
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 130108-1
Telephone Set CD134-25B
Call Director Syste CD134-43B
Detector, Single Fre 41063-02
Convertor Dc-dc SMA742458-5
Convertor Dc-dc SMA742458-7
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si SM-A-742458-8
Modem Duplex SM-D-744211
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 670070-1
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 2046-013
Switch, Telephone, Selector A0233493
Scanner, Rack Mounted RA80450
Modification Kit, Communication, E SMA634835
Cabinet, Attendants 181001-041
Sub-cycle BC30X
Shelf, Telephone Switch D240720D
Telephone Set TA341ATT
Switch, Telephone, Selector DH580288A11A
Dialed Number Printout, Portable 399132-360019-6
Scanner, Portable PA80450
Key And Frame Assembly D30227A
Receptacle And Button Assembly D914160A
Count Monitor RA329084
Dial, Telephone D84975B
Armature, Telephone Switch MD205414PCD71508
Telephone Set 102-708-195
Cap TC22
Telephone Set 568HSW3
Termination Unit, Matched Frequen W711-44V4B
Termination Unit, Stability Test DH871918A70A
Exclusion Key Assembly D735556A
Terminal, Telephone ANTCC65LESSP0WERUNIT
Telephone 102-217-155AND100-012-392
Generator, Ringing, Hand BL101085ISSUE1
Generator, Ringing, Hand GN41

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