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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

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Extension, Telephone 65 SUBSC
Equalizer, Telephone Line FA9407
Telephone 0N412171-1
Telephone Set SER (MOD)-8
Ringer, Telephone 873-01
Sm Exten Node Switc AN/TTC-48A(V)2
Node Center Switch 00-2730524-2
Lg Exten Node Switc 00-2730522-2
Telephone 816450-802
Telephone 741647-801
Telephone 816450-801
Indicator, Frequency Separation 816402-801
Ringer, Telephone HD560023ASLR
Telephone Set 9317S
Telephone Set 9315
Telephone Set 9335-H
Dial, Telephone 9359
Shell, Telephone Base G291389-50
Switch, Telephone, Connector CAT. NO. 5230
Telephone Circuit, Line Relay CAT. NO. 5220
Telephone Set SWLR-2
Telephone Set DTSB-M
Terminal, Telephone TA-997A/STC-2V
Telephone System 10292055
Generator, Ringing, Machine 65 BRT GEN
Holder, Number Tape 184419-0
Signal, Switchboard 3570160
Signal, Switchboard 3570161
Intermediate Distributing Frame, YTT-027
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 687-04
Telephone Set 255409-MBA-20M
Telephone 205010-02
Transmitter, Order Wire NT1H83AA
Telephone Set SD-193
Telephone Terminal Subassembly CNC6803D
Central Office, Telephone, Automat SM-D-822517-1
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 027644-00A
Telephone Circuit, Line Jack 600006-546-002
Telephone Set 280344-MOE-60S
Switchboard Section, Telephone, Ma 1154-001-00II
Telephone Set A3093175-1
Telephone Set A3093175-2
Telephone Terminal Subassembly PIMML-B-2
Telephone Connecting And Switchi MSL-100
Telephone Terminal Group 01-1386560-7002
Telephone Terminal Group 01-1386560-7005
Signal Assembly, Switchboard 12-01316
Telephone Set TA-954(V)1/TT
Telephone Circuit, Operator's 492788-000
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 181230-031
Scrambler, Audio Signal 3318
Telephone Terminal Group 1-2S1M-FWDSM
Dial, Telephone 0N410961
Dial, Telephone 0N411184-1
Sounder, Telegraph FE-6200
Telephone Connecting Station 102763
Dial, Telephone 51-ALTOITEM2STATIONS=12
Telephone MODEL SD
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 70-550 MOD380TY3
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 70-550 MOD377TY3
Telephone Set 70-553 TY23-2RL
Telephone Set 70-553 TY 17-2RL
Switch, Telephone, Selector TA-1037/A
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 70-550 MOD261TY1
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 70-550 TYPE3
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 70-550 TYPE7
Telephone Set SFLR-123 8 STA
Receiver-transmitter Control Gro GT13601-1
Sm Exten Node Switc AN/TTC-48B(V)1
Sm Exten Node Switc AN/TTC-48B(V)2
Telephone 0N355421-001
Repeater, Telegraph 1885263-2
Panel, Telephone Switchboard 5270
Telephone 4487 842-02
Telephone Set 70-551 TY23-2RL
Telephone Set 138031411
Generator, Ringing, Hand 84-01 ITEM 11
Repeater, Telegraph 1885336-2
Telephone Set 70-552 TY236BH
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 70-550M261TY4
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 70-550-TYPE6
Telephone Set 70-551 TY23
Main Distributing Frame, Telephon 4049-348 PC2
Telephone Dial Subassembly HA171
Telephone Set 70-552 TY176BH
Shell, Telephone Base 1904-06
Telephone Switchboard Group SL1-XN
Telephone, Secure 0N270388
Telephone System 0N410955-2
Telephone System 0N410955-3
Telephone System 0N410955-4
Telephone System 0N410955-5
Telephone System 0N410955-6
Telephone System 0N410955-7
Telephone System 0N410955-8
Telephone System 0N410955-9
Telephone System 0N410955-10
Telephone System 0N410955-11
Telephone System 0N410955-12
Telephone System 0N410955-13

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