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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Jul 30, 2020

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Dial, Telephone 110411-301
Dial, Telephone AT95G
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Jack 1213826-201
Power Supply Shelf 035B006-002
Panel, Telephone Switchboard C003280-01
Terminal, Telephone A3150595
Telephone 2864-BE-MW-007S
Telephone Terminal Subassembly H91-040100
Main Distributing Frame, Telephon 103986345
Wire Marker TMS3/4-15C
Generator, Ringing, Machine 124B2
Telephone Terminal Subassembly DP11676 L-4
Telephone Terminal Subassembly J58890AJ-1,L-2
Telephone Terminal Subassembly MDM-48-40-1
Telephone Terminal Subassembly PEC 63105
Telephone Terminal Subassembly PEC 63106
Switchboard, Telephone, Sound-powe 432-6404380-AY99
Central, Message Swi SM-D-823999
Telephone Set MWT-196
Telephone Set SD-123
Call-signal Station 921-01
Switchboard, Telephone, Sound-powe M9538-6
Generator, Ringing, Machine 902-01 ITEM 6
Telephone Set 909-01
Telephone Set 855-06
Repair Kit, Monitor 357031
Telephone Set KX-T2355
Equalizer, Telephone Line G833309
Shell, Telephone Base 909-01
Panel, Telephone Switchboard 4059-483
Telephone System SDS-1
Telephone Terminal Subassembly ED-67077-30
Switch, Telephone, Selector 414ES224-2
Telephone Set STU II/B SECTEL
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 702073-101
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 702073-102
Telephone Terminal Group MT213AA
Telephone Terminal Group TELEVIDEO 9320 W/ KEYBOARD
Telephone Terminal Group 9184-000-200-NA
Telephone Terminal Group 9171-800-010-NA
Telephone Terminal Group 9184-000-210-NA
Telephone Set SE-246
Telephone Set SW-243
Special 1330151GOO1
Panel, Telephone Switchboard 401-4361548
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 815-1853207-1
Telephone Set 281075-MOE-20M
Telephone Set SER-246
Generator, Ringing, Machine MODEL 15704-001
Telephone Set SER-240
Telephone System 10-2119
Modification Kit, Fault Assist Mo 1332935G1
Modification Kit, Telephone Equip 180028-000
Telephone Set SELR-246
Telephone Set SWLR-243
Telephone Set 70-554
Telephone Terminal Subassembly TIE88100E
Signal, Switchboard 89437967
Telephone Set SFLR-243
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si 6609-202
Telephone Circuit, Operator's NT4X34JA
Signal, Switchboard 31-3355-5
Telephone Connecting And Switchi MDL CORAL III/60
Switch, Telephone, Selector 241-20REV 0
Modification Kit, Telephone Equip 1332929G1
Telephone Connecting Station 93001-37
Panel, Telephone Switchboard 46296R459
Telegraph Terminal Group 5384
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati SB-4124B/WSC
Telephone Set 086219
Telephone Set 88261BN
Pager Communication ECS056-408
Carrier System, Telephone 0N493760-1
Telephone 65022-000
Switch Bank Multiple, Telephone 259130-001
Telephone SP400
Equalizer, Telephone Line 401-44183-01
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Relay A0338798
Telephone 88263BN
Terminal, Telephone 30309-104
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 110387-002
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 110484-001
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 110482-001
Control, Telephone Line TRN5320A
Panel, Telephone Switchboard 70-559TY1
Panel, Telephone Switchboard 70-559TY2
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 70-550 TYPE 4
Telephone Set 70-551 TYPE 176
Xceiver 225-900-13
Telephone Terminal Group 141346-001
Telephone 51331
Ringer, Telephone MODEL CA-100
Telephone, Set GB5955N(00)
Distribution Ring GB20
Central Office, Telephone, Automat 01-1416120-2
Telephone Connecting Station YAZ-90-3
Telephone Dial Subassembly 65021-025
Telephone Set 9184-800-210-NA
Transmitter, Order Wire 97274-M2
Telephone Set 65025-099

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