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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

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Controller, Phone Patch, Special PC-1A
Scrambler, Audio Signal B4041908-1
Telephone 815044-MOE-21F
Serveur Annex 3 AX3A-16/0-2N-100
Memory, Cache, Specia BCH7001A-002
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 81-3420JC
Streamer Drive BSTAP01A-001
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 81-3408JC
Board Band Adaptor BMLAMHIA-003
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Signalin 6047JA
Mode, Differential 04820350-002
Fallback Module DCF 9665
Read-write Board MP154393705
Transmitter, Order Wire 1795-09
Switch, Telephone, Selector 81-3409JC
Internal Drive-driv 04920011
Personalisation Kit DKF3266-002
Telephone Connecting And Switchi MERIDIAN 1
Switch, Telephone, Crossbar 52C6901-2
Slot Expander HP98242A
Slot Expander HP98242B
Stand, Commucia HP98787B
Memory, Telecommuic HPA1010A
Receiver, Order Wire RPQ23093
Key, Telegraph RF-3016--03
Telephone Set 1211685-201
Demultiplexer Subassembly 734E1050-1
Base, Telephone SM-D-790672
Tester, Auto Call Un R400-SE20
Tape Drive GMTUL06A
Telephone Set 2830-13-MBA-46
Telephone MLX-10D/B
Receiver, Order Wire 1201-104013-001(06)0
Intermediate Distributing Frame, P9.1124
Receiver-transmitter, Order Wire M56749
Control, Telephone Line 960038-001
Control, Telephone Line 960050-001
Telephone 250044MBA20MH
Telephone 255444-MBA-20M
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si T1104M
Demultiplexer Subassembly XT7050-30
Scrambler, Audio Signal UT-74
Central Office, Telephone, Automat AN/TTC-39E(V)
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 9296
Telephone Circuit, Line Relay 9291
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 9132
Generator, Ringing, Machine 8108
Intermediate Distributing Frame, H10126
Adapter, Flap Assembly DCF9652
Power Module Assemb 60170721
Device, Streamer 03850135
Switch, Telephone, Selector 3313
Terminal, Telephone COM531
Terminal, Telephone COM532
Kit, Upgrade CPK9710
Control, Telephone Line 7801G
Telephone Set ROLMPHONE
Telephone System SP1600B
Shell, Telephone Base 66400-050
Telephone Set ROLMPHONE
Telephone Set MODEL 240
Telephone Set MODEL 240
Control, Telephone Line 5002B
Telephone Set BS 202-403
Telephone 6219
Telephone Set KX-T3165
Digitizer, Voice 5810-3
Telephone Set S471791
Telephone Set 3165-10BA
Telephone Set D2TW-600
Telephone Set 9491
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si SP-155
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si SP-152
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 28027-1
Telephone Set HAZTEL 600
Connector Binding Post And Panel 1330153G1
Switchboard, Telephone, Manual MP200104
Telephone Set MLX-20L
Telephone Set B0234662
Telephone Set 820711
Telephone System 820715
Panel, Rear, Telephone 1330164G1
Carrier System, Telephone D7585
Ringer, Telephone ES40
Central Office, Telephone, Automat CI HBJ00/3435B
Keypad, Telephone 174371-003
Keypad, Telephone 174371-002
Switch, Telephone, Selector 820080
Telephone Set ESCORT-9020
Telephone Set B0235012
Telephone Set B0233834
Splicing Kit, Telephone Cable 2181
Modification Kit, Telephone Equip M518
Telephone 820083
Telephone Set 960039-001
Telephone Set SW-23L
Telephone Set SW-83L
Generator, Ringing, Hand CAT NO 22A
Telephone Set MWTH-196

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