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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 07, 2020

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Holster, Cell Phone 99MF
Holster, Cell Phone 99MNFK
Telephone 119-6538
Telephone Set 3930
Telephone Conference Group SXMD3T
Terminal, Telephone PTB410
Telephone 6706X-PG
Telephone Connecting And Switchi N0308
Videophone T-VIEW 100
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si 90SI
Central Office, Telephone, Automat 9500T2-48
Digitizer, Voice 9451-014
Modification Kit, Telephone Equip SB-990048-KP
Intermediate Distributing Frame, 1014UCWIRED
Intermediate Distributing Frame, 1012UCWIRED
Telephone 319800-G
Enclosure, Telephone MP2000821L1
Enclosure, Telephone 65032-650
Analog Interface 108332446
Telephone 6220
Transfer Unit, Car SB-990081-KP,L1
Telephone 3307-4MG
Telephone 6416D+M
Telephone 6418
Telephone 6424
Telephone Digital MLX-10DP/MP2000 821L1
Repeater, Telephone 97008A0026
Repeater, Telephone 4802-4
Circuit Pack 108566381
Relay Rack, Telephone 196010500JFA
Relay Rack, Telephone 196010500CCDA
Relay Rack, Telephone 196010500CCSA
Relay Rack, Telephone 48010500FA
Relay Rack, Telephone 24010500FA
Relay Rack, Telephone 24010500RMA
Relay Rack, Telephone 24010500WMA
Relay Rack, Telephone 12010500RMA
Digital Cordless KX-TG2267B
Data Display Group SYN8371A
Holder, Telephone SYN7863A
Holder, Telephone 00001PDS
Secure Digital Voice Terminal CP-12SP+
Telephone MOTOROLA V3688
Telephone Set 108209057
Switch, Telephone, Selector DRD-4
Digitizer, Voice 001-106225-02
Telephone Set 250009QBA20M
Receiver-transmitter, Order Wire SM-D-697440
Telephone TIMEPORTL7089
Telephone Set 90-204
Telephone Set 433-7067656-018
Telephone System 89-08103-G08
Stand, Programming PMLN4510
Secure Digital Voice Terminal DVR2 288 CHANNEL
Secure Digital Voice Terminal DVR2 24 CHANNEL
Secure Digital Voice Terminal DVR2 192 CHANNEL
Secure Digital Voice Terminal DVR2 72 CHANNEL
Secure Digital Voice Terminal DVR2 96 CHANNEL
Secure Digital Voice Terminal DVR2 144 CHANNEL
Secure Digital Voice Terminal DVR2 240 CHANNEL
Telephone 8434MOD
Telephone 65302-300
Telephone 6221
Telephone 90-209-1
Telephone Set KX-T7135
Telephone Set NO92-0001-CSL
Keypad, Telephone 437-7068236-199
Panel, Telephone Switchboard 7410428
Holder, Telephone GXBLC0001
Telephone System CDM9100
Generator, Ringing, Static 110363-001
Receiver-transmitter, Order Wire 41610A-640-62
Receiver-transmitter, Order Wire 41610A-633-DND
Small Extension Node Switch AN/TTC-48F(V)1
Small Extension Node Switch AN/TTC-48F(V)2
Small Extension Node Switch 02-2740031-12
Digitizer, Voice K10046389-523
Generator, Ringing, Static RG-10A
Amplifier-regulator Group 152-001465-101
Amplifier-regulator Group 152-001465-104
Digitizer, Voice 30100051001
Telephone AT 2500 YMGM
Terminal, Secure K10046389-508
Carrier Group 700229818
Telephone Circuit, Line Jack 108463001
Telephone 108883257
Telephone Terminal Group 700191307
Central Office, Telephone, Automat A3179398
Terminal, Telephone 700216047
Telephone Set 3C10401A
Telephone Set 3C10226PS-US
Telephone 6408D
Telephone Set SB9901-23L-1
Telephone, Digital 8403
Telephone, Analog 6221
Telephone Circuit, Line-trunk Jac 6416D
Secure Digital Voice Terminal SB-990114-AM L1
Secure Digital Voice Terminal SB-990115-AM L4
Repeater, Telephone L3284
Telephone System SCD00171-3

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