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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 04, 2020

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Repeater, Telephone 19C322131SHT11
Repeater, Telephone TA913V3FCC
Central Office, Tele SMD742268
Control, Remote, Switchboard C9434TTC38V
Base, Telegraph-telephone Signal MILM10289
Dial, Telephone 11519-26
Telephone Circuit, Line-trunk Jac Z480442-000
Telephone Circuit, Cord 400038-022
Telephone Terminal Subassembly SC-C-539507
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 670042-1
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 670053-1
Terminal, Telegraph X636154-1
Holder, Telephone SC-D-539506
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 670043-1
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 670080-1
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 670055-1
Telephone Set 788-1350-001
Multiplex Voice Channel Unit 3602AX2
Repeater, Dial Pulse TA-947/FTC
Speaker Amplifier Unit 80493-01
Amplifier-pilot Regulator 900-27954-01
Amplifier Unit, Pilo 900-27952-01
Modem Unit Group 900-26791-04
Contact And Cam Ass TC1726
Group Pilot Oscilla J70171AH1L1ISS1 0
Ringer, Telephone 103-949-781
Key, Telegraph SCD2836
Interrupter, Ringing, Telephone 84G
Modem Unit Group 900-26791-03
Test Set And Alarm Shelf Unit 19D409074G1
Line Power Unit 19D409701G1
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 262596-1
Shaft Assembly, Swit D-46759-A
Central Office, Telephone, Dial AN/TTC-30
Receptacle And Butt D94160A
Pad, Strappable A576T002-01
Power And Alarm Shelf Unit 19D409841G1
Line Access Unit 19D409677G1
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si 32816-01
Frequency Regulator Unit 19C302310G1S1
Converter, Up-down SMD732451
Alarm Unit 27958-01
Converter, Frequency, Electronic 41234-01
Out-of-band Noise Module SM-D-732377
Converter, Frequency, Electronic 41235-01
Repeater, Telephone 19C313627G2
Supervisory Filter Unit 37441-01
Channel Shelf 41140-01
Selector, Carrier, Su 19C302737G3
Receiver, Module 19C302636G5
Telephone Terminal Subassembly H44229FIGB
Clamp H44229FIGA
Clamp H44229CFIG2
Clamp H-44229CFIG1
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 171
Mounting Arm 7511-28
Plate, Bearing Retai SCD817NITEM8
Case A1003084-1ANDC1017216ANDD1003083
Heat Coil, Telephone 4301301-001
Armature, Telephone Switch D71250A
Armature, Telephone Switch D71166A
Armature, Telephone Switch D71288D
Mounting D3689A
Central Office, Telephone, Manual 13097
Carrier System, Telephone TC21
Panel, Telephone Switchboard EE2C
Ringdown Converter Unit SMA733305
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati BD100
Terminal, Telegraph TT22
Remote Power Select J70171AK1L1A
Repeater, Telegraph X61865
Ringer, Telephone 1530
Telephone Set GF1897
Signal, Switchboard B091B
Signal, Switchboard D161895B
Number Plate, Telephone Dial UA20578
Dial, Telephone 6E-3
Demultiplexer TD411UGC
Telephone Set 564HQMX-60
Telephone Circuit, Line-trunk Jac MC-9426
Telephone Terminal Group X61823B
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si CV1919AG
Telephone Central Office Section GD260362
Switchboard, Telephone, Manual GH880365-1
Telephone Terminal Subassembly GB3293M
Base And Cover S553053
Dial, Telephone 9-1C-WH
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 670032-1
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 670044-1
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 0129312
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 670033-1
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 670061-1
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 670063-1
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 670065-1
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 670077-1
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati 670046-1
Switchboard, Telephone, Sound-powe 44700-1
Finder Line V41202-23
Plug 600-107-593
Panel, Telephone Switchboard 597B

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