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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 03, 2020

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Cable 784-3679-001
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati BD114
Telegraph Terminal Group AN/TCC-14
Terminal, Telegraph 71-1554
Switchboard Section, Telephone, Ma SCDL136600
Key, Telegraph ES606868-2A
Chamber, Cable Terminal XB26
Jack Assy SCD9003F
Extractor, Circuit C SMC2002571
Extender, Module Ass 80103070-002
Extender, Module Ass 80103090-000
Contact Set, Interrupter 6007T0
Chamber, Cable Terminal TA93FT
Chamber, Cable Terminal TA88FT
Chamber, Cable Terminal G11
Chamber, Cable Terminal TA91FT
Chamber, Cable Terminal TA60FT
Chamber, Cable Terminal TA89FT
Chamber, Cable Terminal TA59FT
Chamber, Cable Terminal TA68FT
Chamber, Cable Terminal 112-1706
Generator, Ringing, Static SC-B-104853
Chamber, Cable Terminal TA-87/FT
Chamber, Cable Terminal G51BINDINGP0STCH
Repeater, Telephone 19D409673G1
Terminal, Telephone 0N047730
Repeater, Telephone 0N047731
Terminal, Telegraph TH5TG
Transmitter-receive SP10065412
Comparison Relaying JY1
Line Tuning Unit JZ72-12
Control, Telephone Line 790-14332-01
Oscillator Audio Frequency Telep KH840932A30
Ringer, Telephone E24
Key, Telegraph 118-00
Generator, Ringing, Machine 3600-11L
Generator, Ringing, Static BX60
Telephone Terminal Subassembly SMB572131
Ringer, Telephone 3295
Chamber, Cable Terminal XB11
Switchboard, Telephone, Manual SB-22/PT
Dial, Telephone 703016-870
Designation Tab E5837
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si TA-182/U
Cover 57P
Orderwire Unit, Link 6505-3822
Orderwire, Express-link-local TA928FSC
Display Digital Rea 52191A3
Ringer, Telephone 1927F6024A
Cover Assembly GB3292
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 100 294 453
Orderwire-intercommunication Ter 6505-3824-006
Scanner, Traffic, Telephone TA917G7
Orderwire-intercommunication Ter TA918V8FSC
Register Input Suba PA150832ISS2
Register Input Subassembly 150041
Scanner Subassembly 150045
Scanner Subassembly 150046
Register Input Suba 150048
Panel Mounting 7316A
Telephone Terminal Subassembly TLC4967-23
Dial, Telephone 8C58
Key 100 336 246
Dial 9CA-51
Dial, Telephone 9CA-60
Demodulator Conimer 33203020
Switching-indicator Unit 7955
Control, Loop Current C9470FSC
Outpulser Assembly 150073
Code Register Subas 150074
Outpulser Subassemb 150076
Outpulser Subassemb 150078
Transmitter, Order Wire SMC572132
Telephone NB830AA
Telephone NC860100CRB
Telephone D781005B
Telephone NC802000ASA
Bag 12501
Equalizer, Envelope Delay 10125-2-2
Panel, Telephone Switchboard GD260367PC142
Panel, Telephone Switchboard GD260349PC190
Panel, Telephone Switchboard D-857871-A
Panel, Telephone Switchboard GD260367PC143
Panel, Telephone Switchboard D857780A
Terminal, Telegraph TH96G
Sleeve, Telephone Cord 12916
Line And Finder Cir 484806-000
Alloter Circuit Pla 484807-000
Selector Shelf Supe 484845-000
Fire Trunk Circuit 485032-000
Test Desk Left End 486599-000
Linefinder Circuit 484805-000
Blade, Burnisher, Con 266ET00L
Dial, Telephone H70227-1
Key, Telegraph CHAMPI0N
Rod, Cover Assy D-41361-A
Slide Assy HB5005E
Blower Assembly, Memory SMD751689
Strap BP62007
Slide Runner, Left H 8071-5

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