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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

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Strap, Holder 39-5093P1
Wheel, Friction Driv BL006-70
Bag, Handset T628789-501
Base, Telegraph Key SM-D-745005
Blower Assembly SMD744954
Interface Unit, Telephone Signali TA929V13FSC
Adapter, Intake SMD745010
Adapter, Exhaust SMD745004
Block, Guide Pin SMC744986
Terminal, Telegraph TH5TG
Block, Interference SMC75039
Board, Acoustical-ab SMB751996
Control Panel, Local GH69000PC59
Control Panel, Shore GH69000PC60
Control Panel, Atten GH69000PC61
Panel, Telephone Switchboard D-857870-A
Panel, Telephone Switchboard D-857874-A
Panel, Telephone Switchboard D-857875-A
Panel, Telephone Switchboard D-857837-A
Panel, Telephone Switchboard GD260365PC193
Guide, Tape SMB745183
Striker SMC745151-2
Retainer, Cable SMC768888
Rod, Push, Switch SMB745021
Panel, Telephone Switchboard GD260300APC67
Control Panel, Alarm GH69000PC62
Control Panel, Misce GD260305APC58
Control Panel, Timer GD260305APC59
Control Panel, Timer GD260301APC67
Control Panel, Misce MD857433PCD857433A
Panel, Telephone Switchboard D857835A
Panel, Telephone Switchboard GD260367PC147
Motor Magnet, Switch GD260302PC81
Motor Magnet, Switch GD260302PC82
Panel, Telephone Switchboard MD857897PCD857897A
Panel, Telephone Switchboard D-857878-A
Retainer, Spring SCD817-10
Sleeve, Telephone Cord GB322
Terminal, Telegraph-telephone SCB105978
Dash Pot Assy SCB108634
Bushing, Nonmetallic 1103A201
Inkstand Assy B1011A
Ring 2516PISSUE1
Gear, Switchboard Ge SCD818-13
Fastener A40205
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si SMC744256
Gear And Shaft Assy SCD816-203
Howler, Call Signal 9000S6501-73801REV1PC40
Rack, Carrier Telegr 154ANDM0DEL2
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 82B
Repeater, Dial Pulse MILR10624
Keysender And Oscillator Assembl SM-C-743777
Card, Dial Number D530361A
Dial, Telephone MDL205PCD84787A
Telephone Terminal Subassembly D-84810A
Stud Bar 130A
Terminal, Telegraph ANTCC20
Terminal, Telephone AN/TCC-23
Number Plate, Telephone Dial D53367A
Telephone NC852003ASA
Monitoring Set, Telephone SSHM276A
Envelope, Diagram 26783
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 482473-000
Pusher, Xy Switch 36690-000
Reed Assy, Selector 1044
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 1094
Jack And Varistor Assembly 604982-000
Plate, Assy, Bearing 10074A
Strip, Jack 51228
Strap, Cabinet Chest SCD4288
Tube And Relay, Ther B431123
Repeater, Telephone 8324413-502
Repeater, Telephone 8324410-501
Repeater, Telephone 8324411-501
Backboard 82ABACKB0ARD
Syncronizer Pilot U 19C316126G1
Syncho Pilot Unit, M 19C313844G1
Holder Card Label SCC62470
Jack Assy 136MTGTEN141JACKS
Mounting, Dial 34D
Plate Assy, Bearing 13020
Telephone Terminal Subassembly SM-C-751184
Equalizer, Telephone Line E4477
Plate, Wood MP5887A
Spring SCB42526
Washer, Rubber, Halfr 66082
Chamber, Cable Terminal SC-C-72631
Network, Attenuation D162118
Network, Attenuation G205040
Shaft SCB74709
Terminal, Telegraph-telephone TH13T
Finger Wheel, Telephone Dial SC-B-25664
Sleeve, Telephone Cord SC-B-25747
Repeater, Telephone S0D64181
Frequency Supply, Telephone Carri SCD63342
Accessory Kit SCDL142208
Telephone Circuit, Operator's TA220P
Spring And Bracket, Assembly D-109310-A
Oscillator S0D62633
Bracket SCC28020

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