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Telephone And Telegraph Equipment - FSC 5805

Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

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Strap Assembly SCD2940PT1-2-4-5-7
Card, Dial Number UP38972
Label, Circuit SCD22491
Reel Equipment CE11
Clamp, Pressure Test AT6565
Strap Assembly SCD29400ITEM1-3T05-7-11T014
Decoder, Command Signals 0N150423
Extractor, Printed C 748A
Detector, Frequency 211-4Z10
Detector, Frequency 211-4Z11
Detector, Frequency 211-4Z12
Detector, Frequency 211-4Z13
Detector, Frequency 211-4Z14
Detector, Frequency 211-4Z15
Detector, Frequency 211-4Z2
Detector, Frequency 211-4Z3
Detector, Frequency 211-4Z5
Frequency Divider 8023527-30
Detector, Frequency 8023527-50
Detector, Frequency 8023527-70
Frequency Divider 8023527-130
Modem, Channel 19C310927G15
Extender Card 100090-501
Extender Card 100197-501
Coil And Armature A D283241A
Switch, Telephone, Selector D205544A
Switch, Telephone, Finder D205504A
Peg Count Register 820153E
Ring Send Card Asse 31026209
Tone Converter Card 31026212
Panel, Telephone Switchboard 584C
Hand Set, Card Assem 6546C2410
Modem Group, Telepho 203AW
Dial, Telephone 65011-022
Telephone Set 500-46BA30M
Telephone Set 3046G450
Telegraph Hubbing R SR221
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Relay DH610144A70A
Switch Bank Multiple, Telephone D252218
Key, Telegraph 7297235
Control, Telephone Line 660
Detector, Frequency 211-4Z6
Detector, Frequency 211-4Z9
Frequency Divider 8023527-290
Dial, Telephone 35009
Equalizer, Telephone Line 792-05141-01
Equalizer, Telephone Line 792-05142-01
Equalizer, Telephone Line 792-05143-01
Temperature Sensor 084608-1
Telephone Circuit, Line Relay GS17204
Capsule Assembly PD6828-1
Signalling System, Inband 452FWA
Main Distributing Frame, Telephon H871053-1
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Relay J58824BC2
Relay-switching Unit 11970-1
Module, Power Supply 181002-008
Telephone Circuit, Operator's 1889278-1
Key, Telegraph KY605U
Converter, Frequency Shift CV2460SGC
Holder, Number Tape 10673254
Converter, Telephone CV2987FTC
Telephone Circuit, Cord 484834-000
Module, Monitor Pane DMS 83026B
Telephone Set 100 172 170
Repeater Group, Telephone 6282722
Cord W/connector M4AJ-87
Preemption Control Unit, Telephon C9123FTC
Telephone Set SWT4-55ALTO
Telephone Set 100001-114
Telephone Set 100001-126
Converter, Telegraph-telephone Si SMD354237
Can, Sealing, Mechani 720-01649-01
Modem Group 19C313686G4
Modem Group 19C313686G5
Selector Carrier Su 19C302737G1S1
Modem Unit 19C300817G4S2
Central Office, Telephone, Dial ANGTC29V1
Main Distributing Frame, Telephon 2449A
Telephone Circuit, Line-trunk Jac 400800-031
Telephone Circuit, A 400800-011
Shelf, Telephone Switch 486556-000
Shelf, Telephone Switch 492401-000
Telephone Circuit, Line-trunk Jac 400026-041
Relay Rack, Telephone 4126-007
Central Office, Tele F80A
Control, Terminal Se F63940
Alarm-monitor 12389-1
Telephone Terminating Panel 12384-1
Telephone Circuit, Trunk Signalin A0119663
Converter, Assembly H886155-1
Protector, Unit Tele 116C
Cover, Case, Rear SM-D-2015899-2
Power Selector Loca J70171AJ1L1ACIS S12
Alarm Module J70171AL1L1ISSU E7
Ringer, Telephone R1AW-50FT
Chamber, Cable Terminal W3-25PA
Switchboard, Patching, Communicati MILS3723B
Signal, Switchboard 43405ES3385DGITE
Switchboard, Teletyp CA334B
Label Circuit SCD4480

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