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Communications Security Equipment And Components - FSC 5810

Last Modified: Jun 06, 2020

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Contact Assembly, Plus 0N241645-5
Transformer Assembl 0N158822
Case Assembly 0N206867
Front Panel Assembl 0N206732
Battery Pack 0N158421
Remote Control Unit 0N158330
Remote Control Unit 0N198487
Remote Control Unit 0N198488
Shock Mount Assembl 0N198605
Shock Mount Assembl 0N198432-1
Sideboard, Digital 0N158305
Sideboard Assembly 0N158804
Connector Assembly 0N198485
Chassis Assembly 0N158346
Power Supply 0N158467
Cable, Fill ASC1100269
Switch 0N202193-1
Assembly, Front Panel 0N508381
Modification Kit, Communication, E 315847
Microcircuit, Bit Ram 0N202178-1
Transformer, Dc To D 0N508304
Test Set Receiver 0N519610
Encryption-decryption Equipment 0N519608
Encryption-decryption Equipment 0N519607
Transmit, Data Scty 0N519609
Encryption-decryption Equipment 0N519606
Sideboard Assembly 0N501120
Retainer, Screw 0N189853
Cover Assy Rear 0N226560-2
Chassis Assy Hnf 81 0N226611
Fr, Sig Con Hnf 81-2 0N513200
Encryption-decryption Equipment KG-84E1
Spec Test Set St 34 0N502812
Hinge 0N180648-2
Crypto Key Generator 0N502916
Contact Strip Rfi 0N226586-1
Contact Strip Rfi 0N226586-2
Knob Assembly 0N514357-1
Casting, Battery Cover 0N241794
Spec Test Set Kt 83 0N502252
Cable Assembly 0N508332
Cable Assembly 0N508333
Hybrid Assembly 0N503072
Housing 0N190308
Housing 0N190317
Cable, Harness 0N202252
Interconnecting Cable 0N503127-1
Chassis 0N500870
Digital Sideboard 0N500960
Cover 0N501065
Panel 0N501576-1
Panel 0N501527-1
Chassis Assy 0N501517
Panel 0N501585-1
Contact Assembly, Plus 0N241646-5
Interconnecting Cable 0N503128-1
Chassis 0N189922-1
Encryption-decryption Equipment 0N506000
Case Assembly 0N500880
Panel, Indicating 0N501585-2
Encryption-decryption Subassembl KGF-9/TSEC
Encryption-decryption Subassembl 0N229190
Box, Accessory 0N507980
Transmit Unit 0N540051
Receive Unit 0N540046
Alarm Unit 0N540055
Installation Kit, Electronic Equi PPL5270
Retainer 0N180671-3
Retainer 0N180671-4
Retainer 0N180671-5
Retainer 0N180671-7
Retainer 0N180671-8
Retainer 0N180671-9
By-pass Cable B4005443
Key Card 0N126293
Key Card 0N253398
Key Card 0N253397
Key Card 0N253396
Key Card 0N253395
Key Card 0N253389
Key Card 0N253381
Key Card 0N253379
Key Card 0N253378
Key Card 0N253377
Key Card 0N253374
Key Card 0N253373
Installation Kit, Electronic Equi PPL5259
Printed Wiring Assembly SC-D-946444
Captive Cable SC-D-944725
Retainer 0N180671-1
Retainer 0N180671-11
Retainer 0N180671-10
Retainer 0N180671-12
Retainer 0N180671-2
Retainer 0N180671-6
Printed Wiring Assembly SC-F-946427A
Encryption-decryption Equipment AFST-47
Printed Wiring Assembly SM-D-964258
Printed Wiring Assembly SM-D-964260
Printed Wiring Assembly SM-D-964262

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