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Communications Security Equipment And Components - FSC 5810

Last Modified: May 26, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Housing, Brg Unit 0N275297
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 0N275492
Housing, Latch 0N509246
Coupler, Test Set 0N275513
Housing, Brg Unit 0N275296
Housing, Brg Unit 0N275295
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 0N510320
Pwr Sply, Dgtl V Sce 0N509101
Driver, X-y Axis 0N275337
Fence, Safety, Rs 0N275452
Fence, Safety, Ls 0N275454
Microcircuit, Dgtl 0N275487
Microcircuit, Dgtl 0N275488
Microcircuit, Dgtl 0N275486
Socket, Prgm Jumper 0N295146
Slide Assy, Chassis 0N295136
Synthesizer, Altrd 0N275528
Holder Assy, P Pin 0N275343
Remote Control Unit, Cryptologic 0N352000-1
Remote Control Unit, Cryptologic 0N352000-2
Remote Control Unit, Cryptologic 0N352000-3
Remote Control Unit, Cryptologic 0N352000-5
Remote Control Unit, Cryptologic 0N352000-4
Encryption-decryption Equipment 0N346920-1
Speech Security Equipment TSEC/KY-3-5
Speech Security Equipment 0N315974-5
Telephone, Desk Set 0N295955-2
Speech Security Equipment 0N315973-6
Speech Security Equipment 0N315974-9
Speech Security Equipment 0N315974-8
Cik Assembly 0N295953-1
Cik Assembly 0N295953-2
Encryption-decryption Equipment KG-66/NF
Power Supply Assemb B4030506
Interface Adapter ASC1100245
Terminal Assembly 0N355414-1
Circuit Bd E-eyw 0N273884-504
Trunk Encryption De 0N370400
Circuit Bd E-eyx 0N273884-505
Circuit Bd E-eyy 0N273884-506
Electronic Key Gen 0N370300
Circuit Board 0N329602-1
Telephone, Secure Unit 0N329621-2
Telephone, Secure Unit 0N295950-1
Secure Telephone 0N329620-1
Telephone, Secure Unit 0N329620-2
Panel, Front 0N329724-1
Cik Assembly 0N295952-3
Cable Assembly 0N270452
Cable Assembly 0N270534
Connctor Plug 0N303484-1
Con Dc Pwr E-epm 0N308741
Var Control E-epq 0N308731
Cnt Rmt Rekey E-epp 0N308771
Randomizer E-epo 0N308781
Panel, Front 0N289551
Bfr I-o Act E-epl 0N308791
Valid Time E-fgx 0N308671
Cont And Alarm E-fg 0N308681
Gen Key Rekey E-epn 0N308761
Jackscrew, Female 0N520598-1
Cover 0N198894
Jackscrew, Male 0N520594
Jackscrew, Female 0N520596
Screw, Captive 0N520099-1
Screw, Captive 0N520099-3
Screw, Captive 0N520099-4
Screw, Captive 0N520099-2
Jackscrew, Female 0N520598-2
Screw, Special 0N520036
Spool Assembly 0N329189-1
Shield, Assy, Outer 0N520669
Contact 88998-6
Encryption-decryption Subassembl 0N313320
Interface, Aircraft 0N298500
Container, Assembly 0N301189-1
Case, Cosmetic 0N301249-1
Spare Parts Kit 0N361178-1
Communications Security Module KGV-11(E-2)
Cover, Chassis 0N270803
Base, Telephone, Modi 0N270820
Chassis, Pushbutton 0N296043-1
Cover, Telephone, Mod 0N295942-1
Randomizer 0N512281
Terminal 0N51228
Circuit Board 0N361160-1
Circuit Board 0N361163-1
Circuit Board 0N361343-1
Circuit Board 0N361168-1
Cover, Rear 0N301258-1
Relay Board 0N347481-1
Encryption-decryption Subassembl 0N326710-1
Jackscrew, Female 0N520598-3
Encryption-decryption Equipment 0N271570
Encryption-decryption Equipment 0N271580
Data Transmitter 0N331974
Ic, Dual D, Fl Fl 0N294492-1
Insulator No 1 0N294524-1
Insulator No 2 0N294525-1
Insulator No 3 0N294530-1

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