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Communications Security Equipment And Components - FSC 5810

Last Modified: Jun 04, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Kg 194a Eurcom 0N466595
E Goz 0N370305 1
E Goy Black I O 0N370308 1
E Gqn Red I O 0N370345
E Gqo Black I O 0N370350
Kgt47btsec 0N382977-1
Encryption-decryption Equipment 0N382975-1
Communications Security Module TX457.575,RX467.575MHZ
Communications Security Module 5831755-2
Transfer Module 0N402270-2
Mobile Comsec Unit 0N409500-502
Interface Detail Assembly Box 0N505000
Modification Kit, Communication, E 14000331
Modification Kit, Communication, E 14000333
Modification Kit, Communication, E 14000358
Modification Kit, Communication, E 14000344
Modification Kit, Communication, E 1217309
Modification Kit, Communication, E 1217308
Space Bar 712ITT222260076
Modification Kit, Communication, E 62-00737
Modification Kit, Communication, E 1217307
Telephone, Secure Unit 3112-100
Telephone, Secure Unit STU-III-SECTEL 1500-SINGLE LINE
Telephone, Secure Unit STU-III-SECTEL 1500-MULTI-LINE
Telephone, Secure Unit STU-III-LCT-9600 SINGLE LINE
Housing Assembly, Forward 0N434337
Battery And Connector Cover Asse 0N380995
Modification Kit, Communication, E 14000136
Modification Kit, Communication, E 686-1-02160-004
Modification Kit, Communication, E 360-15285
Telephone, Secure Unit 0N483000-100
Telephone, Secure Unit 5DGT2500X
Encryption-decryption Equipment 0N518300-1
Modification Kit, Communication, E 685-0355-001
Modification Kit, Communication, E 0N374011
Ckt Cd Assy 0N370450-2
Firmware Cont E Grp 0N445635-501
Pwr Sply Red E Gsz 0N445696-501
Interconnect Assy 0N445637-501
Front Panel Assy 0N445641-501
Switch Rotary 0N445689-1
Circuit Cd Assy 0N405801-1
Cu Fill E Grs 0N445631-501
Dual Frame 1 0N471182-1
Ckt Cd Assy 0N471185
Ckt Cd Assy 0N471183-1
Dual Frame 2 0N471132-1
Ckt Cd Assy 0N471135
Ckt Cd Assy 0N450390
Ckt Cd Assy 0N450380
Cover Housing Assy 0N300651-501
Switch Push 0N445627-501
Adapter Box Assy 0N454850-501
Adapter Box 0N454866-1
Switch Rotary Dble 0N454865-1
Switch Rotary Sgle 0N454864-1
Knob Control 0N445694-1
Cover Adapter Box 0N454852-1
Chassis Assy 0N502223-501
Switch Telephone 0N300732-2
Switch Push 0N502659-1
Adapter Box Kg 112 0N454851-1
Circuit Cd Assy 0N405795-1
Circuit Cd Assy 0N405792-1
Encryption-decryption Equipment 0N475658-1
Circuit Cd Assy 0N406001-1
Circuit Cd Assy 0N405804-1
Telephone, Secure Unit STU-III-LCT-W/CELP-STUN30-SINGLE
Telephone, Secure Unit STU-III-W/CELP-STUN30-MULTILINE
Telephone, Secure Unit 5DGL1526XA
Telephone, Secure Unit STU-IIB-4.8 CELP-STUN29-SINGLE
Transfer Unit, Cryptographic Key 0N433900
Modification Kit, Communication, E 105925G1
Security Data System A3113040-001
Data Transfer Devic AN/CYZ-10
Programmer, Microcircuit 03-05546-001
Bracket, Tb 0N388696-1
Kiv-2a 0N434360
Key Gen Transmitter TSEC/KGT-77A
Authentication Unit TSEC/HS-57D
Dust Cap Assy 0N332692-4
Key Generator Assy TSEC/KG46B
Tseckg96a 0N376500-1
Ckt Cd Assy E-gpb 0N417952-1
E Gpd Board 0N417958-1
E Cd Assy E Gpe 0N417961-1
Microcircuit U-awn 0N444084-1
Microcircuit Pal 0N444100-1
Crystal Unit Quart 0N444127-1
Insulator 0N444065-1
Ckt Cd Assy E Gpa 0N417949-1
Ckt Cd Assy E Gpc 0N417955-1
Sleeve 0N442543-1
Plate Ident 0N370194-13
Strip Strain Relie 0N442486-1
Bracket Angle Spec 0N442493-1
Cover Assy Battery 0N442560-1
Keypad Full 0N433910-1
Plate Serial Number 0N442484-3

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