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Communications Security Equipment And Components - FSC 5810

Last Modified: Jun 03, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Motor Generator And CE88000
Cover CE87069
Case CE87070
Cover CE87074
Case CE87076
Cover, Dust CE87233
Container, Paper CE87465
Cover, Dust, Right Fr CE54549
Cover, Dust, Right Re CE54550
Cover, Dust, Left Fro CE54551
Cover, Dust, Left Rea CE54552
Head Assembly CE54514
Stator And Flange H CE54515
Cover End CE54519
Case Assembly 0N143353
Base Subassembly 0N089335
Link, Lower CE147686
Frame, Desiccator R CE93514
Insulator, Subassy CE147721
Card Stock, Tabulati 0N126289
Tester AFCDST01
Tester AFCDST02
Simulator, Kg30 AFCDST04
Tester AFCDST03
Extender Assembly 0N096894
Mounting Block CE93230
Bracket Subassy, Com CE93880
Panel 0N124306
Code Changer 0N123956-2
Tseckg35 0N143436-6
Modification Kit, Communication, E CE223285
Case, Carrying 72-38
Cable Assembly CE216965
Housing Subassembly 0N123791
Panel, Front SM-C-619254
Spacer Connector SM-B-605732
Bracket, Angle, Key SM-B-619192
Block, Bar SM-B-619222
Cover, Logic Compart SM-D-619225
Plate, Access SM-C-605754
Bracket, Left Hand SM-C-605703
Bracket, Right Hand SM-C-605704
Mount, Panel Guide, R SM-C-619093
Mount, Panel Guide, Lh SM-C-619095
Mount, Panel Guide SM-C-619096
Mount, Panel Guide SM-C-619179
Bracket, Card Assy SM-C-619219
Plate, Retaining, Speaker SM-C-619233
Plate, Support SM-C-619253
Cover, Bottom Chassis SM-D-619077
Guide, Circuit Card Assembly SM-D-619235-3
Guide, Circuit Card Assembly SM-D-619235-4
Guide, Circuit Card Assembley SM-D-619235-5
Guide, Circuit Card Assembly SM-D-619235-6
Guide, Circuit Card Assembly SM-D-619235-7
Guide, Circuit Card Assembly SM-D-619235-8
Chassis 0N124348
Installation Kit, Electronic Equi KIT-1A-DC/TSEC
Kir1atsec KIR-1A-DC/TSEC
Cover, Transit, Rear 0N056835
Tsec Ky75e-1 0N158231
Tsec Ky67 TSECKY67
Speech Equipment 0N241700
Panel, Overlay DEM69003
Panel, Overlay DEM69002
Base Subassembly 0N124556
Stud, Interposer 0N047939
Code Changer 0N047665
Switch, Control SM-C-605753
Insert, Screw SM-B-605714
Plate, Mounting, Connector SM-B-605710
Component Board CE187974
Koi14 Tsec K0I14TSEC
Speech Security Equipment TSEC/KY-58
Holder, Lock 0N176268
Kit, Retrofit No 1 0N176284
Kit, Retrofit No 1 0N176286
Frame Subassy CE221021
Housing Assembly Ri 0N124208
Module Assembly, Ser 0N084272
Inverter Assembly 0N084254
Key Generator, Electronic 0N143433-3
Key Generator, Electronic 0N143434-3
Key Generator, Elect 0N143434-11
Key Generator, Electronic 0N143438-1
Key Generator, Electronic KG34-03
Key Generator, Electronic 0N143438-15
Key Generator, Electronic 0N143438-16
Key Generator, Electronic 0N143436-4
Key Generator, Electronic 0N143436-8
Key Generator, Electronic 0N143436-16
Key Generator, Electronic 0N143437-4
Guide, Card 0N157716
Plate, Locator 0N157709
Connector Assy SM-C-605755
Card Hold Down SM-C-605716
Spacer SM-B-619211
Heat Sink Assembly 0N015072
Encryption-decryption Equipment 0N176410
Tray, Top 0N152209

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