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Communications Security Equipment And Components - FSC 5810

Last Modified: Jun 04, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Plate Mfg Data Code 0N370135-1
Plate Ident Spec 0N370194-3
Jumper Shunt 0N370445-1
Plate Ident Spec 0N370194-4
Strapping Plate Op 0N442489-1
Strapping Plate Id 0N442491-1
Chart Resis Select 0N442496-1
Crypto Ignition Key KSD-1
Battery Cover 0N477404-1
Ic F Fly U Aw0 0N444106-1
Plate Ident 0N442484-5
Housing Battery 0N477435-2
Spring Hinge 0N477414-1
Dummy Battery Post 410-425-1
Cover Assy 0N332694-1
Keypad Limited 0N477455-1
Cable Rs232 25pin T 0N433835-1
Cable Rs232 9pin To 0N433836-1
Housing, Kg194ccitt 0N442610-2
Housing, Assy, Spec 0N370461-1
Housing, Spec, Kg-194 0N370461-10
Microcircuit, Dgtl S 0N370506-3
Pwb, Transmit 0N442512-1
Plate, Serial No Spe 0N442484-4
Jitter Attenuator 0N370310-1
Crystal, Spec 0N370317-1
Pwb, E-goy Board 0N458292-1
Plate Ser No Spec 0N458208-1
Ic, Transcoder 0N370313-1
Microcircuit, Word R 0N370311-1
Microcircuit, Dgtl S 0N370316-1
Plate, Warning, Btry 0N442485-1
Flex, Printed Wiring 0N442592-1
Panel, Assy, Rear 0N442580-1
Coax, Contact, Pin, Pc 0N442582-1
Contact, Pin, Pc, Tail 0N442583-1
Pad, Compression 0N370480
Pad, Compression 0N370480-2
Pad, Compression 0N370480-3
Washer, Spring Tnsn 0N286340-1
Washer, Spring Tnsn 0N286340-3
Ckt, Card Ext, Transm 0N442570-1
Insulator, Extnd Bd 0N442573-1
Connector, Plug Elec 0N370185-1
Flex, Printed Wiring 0N442581-1
Random Data Generat AN/CSZ-9
Random Data Generat 0N473030
Cable Assembly 0N473045
Power Pack Unit 0N473054
Key Generator 0N376300-1
Hinge Section Rear 0N477408-1
Contact Elec Positi 0N477412-1
Contact Elec Negati 0N477413-1
Hinge Section Front 0N477407-1
Key Generator TSECKG40A-P
Micro Key Generator 0N448300-501
Cable Assy 0N417967-1
Microcircuit, Linear 0N436226-1
Microcircuit, Dgtl 0N436218-1
Microcircuit, Dgtl 0N436220-1
Microcircuit, Dgtl 0N436221-1
Microcircuit, Dgtl 0N436214-1
Microcircuit, Dgtl 0N436215-1
Microcircuit, Dgtl 0N436217-1
Microcircuit, Dgtl 0N436216-1
Microcircuit 0N436225-1
Microcircuit, Linear 0N436232-1
Microcircuit, Dgtl 0N444101-1
Microcircuit, Dgtl 0N436224-1
Eurocom Cover Assy 0N370520-3
Plate, Options 0N458407-1
Serno, Plate 0N458208-5
Plate, Ident 0N458502-1
Key Generator TSEC-KG-40A-S
Spare Part Kit RYQ-99-TSEC
Test Set TSEC-ST31A
E Gta 1 Var Proc 0N450230-2
Heatsink 0N450324-1
Ca Assy, Intfc, Top 0N450385-3
Ca Assy, Intfc, Top 0N450385-4
Ca Assy, Intfc, Bot 0N450395-3
Ca Assy, Intfc, Bot 0N450395-4
Plate, Eqpt Mod Rec 0N014681-5
Cca, Intfc, Red-2 0N471133-1
Control Box, Key Generator KGX-40A-TSEC
Security Data System KYK-71
Power Supply, Crytographic Equipm HYX-58-001B
Encryption-decryption Subassembl 5831763
Bracket A3157610
Spacer Mounting A3157570
Protector Cable A3104028-2
Pcb E Gfx 1 0N370440-2
Nvg Mod 0N241607-NVG
E Gtb 1 Control Pro 0N450280-2
Bracket A3157568
Nvg Mod 0N241662-NVG
Clamp 0N359676-6
Facsimile Machine MFAX-5000T
Key Dist Ctr Auto HGX-83A
Communications Security Module 5831772

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