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Radio And Television Communication Equipment, Airborne - FSC 5821

Telemetering Equipment.
Last Modified: Aug 05, 2020

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Spring 505-6110-002
Modulator-power Supply 301A130
Control, Radio Set C8658ARC1
Mounting SI-7992
Mounting Base 0R650117-2
Cover Subassy 738454-4
Cover And Tool Suba 710345-5
Orifice Plate 489412-501
Orifice Plate Assy, 489413-501
Connector, Coaxial 8820697-501
Shaft, Switch Cam 506-7389-002
Translator-modulato 617-9621-004
Receiver Subassy 80606-1
Scales, Binary 4SN1B1
Cover, Bottom 710407-3
Door, Front 710333-2
Insert 3715
Retainer, Cover D467-522
Receiver-transmitter Subassembly L282334-1
Module, Radio 910513-801
Receiver Subassembly, Radio R-1977/ARC-164(V)
Module, Radio 910510-801
Module, Radio 910510-802
Receiver Subassembly, Radio 919403-801
Cover, Filter Box 489326-501
Drive Subassy N205572-1
Plate, Amplifier 567-3884-004
Maiinguard Receiver SMB618005
Shaft And Sprocket SMC618050
Transformer And Gea SMD617875
Arm, Switch 506-0921-002
Cap, Retaining 540-2846-002
Clamp, Chopper 540-2875-002
Gear, Sector 506-0914-002
Panel, Mounting 540-4049-003
Plate, Front 506-0883-003
Plate, Gear Mounting 506-0945-003
Shaft, Contact 506-1008-002
Sleeve, Contact 540-7428-002
Module, Radio 910512-801
Transmitter, Radio T-1307/ARC-164(V)
Arm Assembly, Recorder 02201232-010
Display Unit, Television 102704
Television Set TVSET
Control, Radio Set 708237-1
Control, Radio Set C1400AARC49
Sensor Assembly, Recorder 02202701-020
Tuning Unit ES691900
Panel, Blank N691241-1
Receiver Subassembly, Radio 81922-7
Discriminator-switc 105440
Mixer Stage, Frequency 505-4390-035
Control, Radio Set C-9680/ARC-164(V)
Motor And Mirror Assembly 20096-5
Control, Radio Set C-9680/ARC-164(V)
Heater 711-0094-00
Insulator 541-5196-003
Control, Radio Set C-9680/ARC-164(V)
Control, Radio Set C-9680/ARC-164(V)
Slide, Lens 7585560P1
Filter, Housing Assembly 7539945P0001
Holder, Lens 7577038P1
Mounting Plate Assembly 7577036G1
Mount, Camera System 7593306G1
Mount, Camera System 7593306G2
Amplifier Assy 707929G1
Relay Assy 808848G1
Radio Frequency Ass 808859G1
Filter Housing Assembly 7539941P0001
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT1168ARC164V
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT1168ARC164V
Control, Radio Set 284-100
Plate, Capacitor Mounting 37-02663-001
Amplifier 808839G1
Receiver Assy, Radio 808833G1
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT1168ARC164V
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 704A45-311-012
Lens, Camera, Television 886C257P1
Washer, Special 506-7405-002
Panel, Subassy 17191
Plate, Reinforcing 8865960-2
Board Assembly, Impe 47-769-101-1
Retrofit Adapter 522-1645-00
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 522-1660-00
Capacitor, Variable 542-5666-002
Cover 515A263
Cover 515B264-1
Cover 515A267
Filter 536B5
Spring, Star RD24783-2
Ring, Eccentric RD24774-2
Receptacle And Loop RD25466-1
Block, Shaft RD24766-2
Cover, Connector 710406-1
Cover, Bottom 710407-2
Cover, Monitor 712268-5
Control, Tuning 712649-1
Cover, Cabinet 738332-4
Plate, Retainer 738576-3
Chuck Assembly AMC119

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