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Radio And Television Communication Equipment, Airborne - FSC 5821

Telemetering Equipment.
Last Modified: Aug 13, 2020

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Translator Subassyr 554-4073-005
Translator Subassem 554-4071-003
Receiverptransmitte BC624A
Tuning Unit, Rf 541-0765-003
Tuning Unit, Rf 541-0766-003
Tuning Unit, Rf 541-0768-003
Tuning Unit, Rf 541-0773-003
Capacitor Subassemb 541-0709-004
Bar, Switch 541-0508-002
Shaft Assembly 541-0518-002
Cover Subassembly, N 133861
Tube, Grounding 235536
Contact Assembly, El 235538
Insulator Subassemb 4078117
Receiver G36A14548
Base, Shockmount 11105-1A
Radio Set ANARC51A
Visor, Chart Plate 448752-1
Output Assembly, A F GD1182
Antenna Assy, Data L 768178-501
Strap, Capacitor G50P13202
Control Subassembly 133322
Receiver Subassembly, Radio MX-3552/ARC-34B
Radio Set ANARC134A
Adapter Assy 757-1537-003
Control, Radio Set C3657ARC27A
Panel Plate Assy C61-5129
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT712ARC105
Mount, Resilient-right Assy 756-2229-001
Control, Radio Set GD1226
Control, Radio Set C-7425/ARC-109(V)
Blower And Motor As A019958
Readout, Display Rad 290-0501-001
Band, Card Picker 8040
Control, Signal Buff 401-16850-01
Signal Buffer Assem 401-16880-01
Control Unit 401-18805-01
Counterweight, Elevation Drive 413R024H01
Cam, Elevation Drive 518R044H01
Cam, Elevation Drive 518R044H02
Plate, Elevation Drive 518R027H02
Plate, Elevation Drive 518R027H01
Plate, Camera Assembly 412R934H01
Stop, Impact J14185-1
Shield, Camera Assembly 513R791H01
Counterweight, Elevation Drive 413R025H01
Clamp, Camera Assembly 412R939H01
Hub, Azimuth Drive 618R500H01
Shield Assembly, Camera Electroni 424R006G01
Mixer-filter Assy 61-00923-001
Indicator Light Assembly 40A0219
Indicator Light Assembly 40A0215
Control, Radio Set 01-00199-000
Indicator Assembly 03-00598-000
Indicator Assembly 03-00599-000
Drive Assembly 8724716-501
Shaft Assembly 8447374-501
Mounting Base, Uhf R 90187-1B
Oscillator 8314514-501
Tuner 8982354-501
Discriminator 8610739-501
Plate, Anchor 25-00162-000
Module, Radio Set 715967-803
Wire And Reel Assem 783-1029-001
Power Supply 63511-022-1
Receiver, Radio 8313733-503
Discriminator Subas 133360
Core And Support Tu 235501
Control, Radio Set C4209ARC
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT294AARC44
Indicator, Channel-frequency 708437-1
Gear Sector Assembl 72520-2
Receiver, Radio R666BARN32
Contact, Riveted 516-2476-002
Switch Assy, Drive 516-2673-001
Control Box C-7937/USC-13
Translator, Radio F CV-2577/ARC-138(V)
Synthesizer, Frequen O-1526/ARC-138(V)
Amplifier, Power 528-0698-001
Cockpit Control 772-5434-001
Frequency Divider 772-8440-001
Frequency Divider 772-8476-001
Diode Board 775-4560-001
Transmitter, Signal 775-9721-001
Module, Radio Transm 775-9735-001
Amplifier, Electroni 775-9762-001
Divider, Detector 775-9822-001
Mixer, Detector 775-9823-001
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 522-1230-00
Block, Screw 544-2791-002
Radio Set RT-648/ARC-94
Dial Control Assemb 8827352-503
Control, Audio Outpu A247
Receiver Subassembly, Radio 763-1808-001
Receiver Subassembly, Radio 763-1820-001
Case, Power Amplifie 347999
Panel, Translucent, I 342832
Receiver, Radio 51S-1B

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