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Radio And Television Communication Equipment, Airborne - FSC 5821

Telemetering Equipment.
Last Modified: Aug 03, 2020

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Relay Unit, Navigati 70600-01076-041
Transmitter, Radio 722004-801
Switch, Filter, Low Band 445872-1
Display Board 200-07999-0010
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT-1263(V)5/ARC-171(V)
Amplifier 90486-5
Control, Radio Set 300-7890-10
Receiver, Radio AN/ARR85 COMPONENT SET
Transmitter, Radio 165165
Receiver, Radio 163295
Radio Set Group 1629341-100
Receiver-transmitte 622-6726-002
Antenna Interface U J-4782/URC-107(V)4
Power Distribution SB-4322/URC-107(V)4
Receiver Synthesize 651-0996-073
Processor 676-4527-001
Counter, Frequency 676-4528-030
Digital Waveform Ge 676-4529-001
Hpa Main Chassis 676-4530-030
Transmitter 622-7087-001
Chassis, Elec Eqpt 11426-46020
Modulator-power Supply C5117728
Modulator-power Supply C5117729
Radio Set Control Group C-11466A/ARC-201A(V)
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 707698-802
Receiver-transmitter, Radio A3105966-1
Receiver-transmitter, Radio B4041875-1
Receiver-transmitter, Radio B4041874-1
Control, Radio Set 722032-801
Control, Radio Set 721912-801
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 064-1058-00
Converter, If To Tap 384A
Repeater, Radio RL6000R
Control, Radio Set C-11815/ARC-164(V)
Control, Radio Set C-11719/ARC-164(V)
Control, Radio Set C-11721/ARC-164(V)
Control, Radio Set 900116-807
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT-1505A/ARC-164(V)
Distributor D69110-11971
Control, Radio Set C-11718/ARC-164(V)
Receiver-transmitter, Radio GE-13971-S
Receiver-transmitter, Radio GE-17701-S
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT-1505A/ARC-164(V)
Control, Radio Set C-11719/ARC-164(V)
Control, Radio Set 400-0084-020
Control, Radio Set 400-0084-010
Television Sensor 1291N5
Module, Special, Assembly 125625-1
Receiver-transmitter Set, Radio 064-1023-00
Multiplexer Subassembly 8007-1645-3
Camera, Television 1314A21
Preselector Assembly 116225-2
Tank Assembly, Speci 116677-1
Tank Assembly, Speci 116677-2
Panel, Mode Select 3822327-1
Modulator-power Supply 501-1240-01
Receiver, Radio R-2266/ARR-78(V)2 DCN 3
Selector, Mode, Hsi-v C-10998B/A
Control, Compass C-8021E/ASN
Radio Set 622-1396-102
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 064-1015-11
Control, Radio Set 743483-801
Monitor, Television 6050-0201-4
Control, Radio Set 622-8111-003
Receiver, Radio 647-3264-004
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 647-2629-002
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 622-1884-018
Processor, Signal Data 622-9746-001
Receiver, Radio 1018AS112-4L-A
Receiver, Radio 1018AS112-4L-E
Harness Assembly 70602-01113-043
Control, Radio Set C-11718/ARC-164(V)
Filter, Neutral Density 1813/22ND-7
Indicator, Bezel 653-2123-001
Radio Set Control Group D6003030
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 064-01058-0010
Control, Radio Set 071-01274-0001
Lens, Camera, Television 1314-110
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT-1651(V)6/ARC -217(V)
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 622-9413-001
Transmitter, Radio 4300-108-U-120VAC
Radio Set 622-7337-001SB12
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 704A45-805-003
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT-1651(V)1/ARC 80058-217(V)
Radio Set Control Group AN/ARS-6(V)5
Radio Set KTR 993
Control, Radio Set 885900
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT-1651(V)2/ARC-217
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT-1651(V)3/ARC-217
Receiver, Radio A4544
Shaft Encoder 822-500-DALP
Radio Set A3154520
Control, Radio Set C-12174/ARC-217(V)
Receiving Set, Radio AN/ARW-83(V)5
Camera Set, Television 1314B21
Radio Set A3154522
Radio Set A3154523
Control, Radio Set A3154448
Receiver, Radio 817961-801
Radio Set A3154521

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