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Radio And Television Communication Equipment, Airborne - FSC 5821

Telemetering Equipment.
Last Modified: Aug 04, 2020

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Tuner Subassembly 714451-801
Receiver Subassembly, Radio MX7043AARR71
Tilt Table Assembly 6490-60061-011
Receiver, Radio R1185/ARC101
Transmitter, Radio T907AARC101
Mount, Receiver MTA21DG
Control, Radio Set 704001-2
Gear Box Tuning Dri SME620140
Bracket, Relay And T 836553-1
Buffer Oscillator 715957-801
Crystal Reference S SMD619578
Shield, Radio Freque 836690-802
Shield, Radio Frequency SMB619622
Arm, Pivot SMB620096
Cap, Panel Mount 117684-1
Cover, Control SMC620193
Amplifier, Module SCDL619554
Block, Guide Pin Ass 716497-802
Retainer, Reciever T 716498-801
Bracket, Connector 836445-1
Control, Radio Set Transfer 158486-1
Tuner, Radio Frequency A8788
Tuner, Radio Frequency SMD416345
Receiver, Radio 708019-1
Gear, Assembly 502-6985-002
Rack Assembly, Test 602714-1
Harness Assembly, Test Bench 602457-1
Harness Assembly, Te 602712-1
Receiver, Radio BC454B
Receiver, Radio 9606
Rack, Mounting FT244
Tuner, Radio Frequency TU26B
Radio Transmitter A B32616
Sleeve 651804-198
Control, Modulator A SMB632148
Chassis, Wired SMB632140
Power Amplifier And SMB618440
Chassis, Main SMB618097
Support, Switch Assembly SMB618415
Mounting SM-D-134073
Drum Assembly, Netwo 506-1031-003
Control Box Assembl 174AS556
Ring 505-4529-003
Ball, Detent 108099-1
Wheel, Filter 7576138P1
Discriminator Signa MD-1047/ARC
Receiver, Radio 172AS1533
Transmitter, Radio 44138-502
Shaft, Idler 7576121P2
Flange, Mounting, Remote Focus Ass 7591902P1
Coupler, Camera, Remote Focus Asse 7576170G1
Bracket, Motor Mount 7576169P1
Indicator, Audio Mon 401-17940-01
Insulator And Seal XD62059-2
Cover, Motor, Remote 7576172P1
Maintenance Kit, Electronic Equip MK1004AARC
Radio Set 622-0356-001
Post, Idler Gear 506-0967-002
Arm, Lever 506-0987-002
Post, Cam Spring 506-0990-002
Stop, Cam 506-0992-002
Filter-converter F-1357/ARC-158
Control, Mode Select C9196ARC158
Control, Radio Set 622-0679-001
Control, Radio Set C-8881/ARC-156
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 5421084-001/2267.5MHZ
Piston, Brake 9430544
Receiving Set, Radio ANARR69
Cam Assembly 830095
Lamp Assembly, Panel 716532-801
Lever, Cam Control 840897
Spacer, Circuit Card 40-00451-002
Receiver, Radio 522-0833-064
Radio Set ANARC96
Pin, Drum Load 506-1002-002
Control, Radio Set 783-6608-001
Power Supply, Radio 270-1244-020
Receiver, Radio 774-1403-001
Control Assy, Radio 774-1260-001
Indicator Assy, Radi 774-1284-001
Panel, Outlet 774-1298-001
Control, Communicati 774-1320-001
Indicator Assembly Radio, Special 774-1108-001
Control Assembly, Ra 777-1466-001
Carrier Squelch Unit 622-0828-001
Valve Assy, Compens 766-6994-001
Valve Assy, Hydrauli 766-6954-001
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 8356959-505
Control, Radio Set 8356963-505
Detector Module 8657958-504
Receiver Subassembly, Radio 8328820-513
Amplifier Module 8657959-503
Buffer Module 8657268-502
Receiver Subassembly, Radio 8657267-504
Frame Harness 8328811-503
Generator, Sideband 8657969-503
Generator, Sideband 8657969-504
Piston Assy, Pump 840297
Radio Set AT440
Drum Assy, Detent 772-0137-001

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