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Radio And Television Communication Equipment, Airborne - FSC 5821

Telemetering Equipment.
Last Modified: Aug 03, 2020

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Receiver-transmitter, Radio 622-6322-004
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 8327528-510
Receiving Set, Radio AN/ARR-75
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 400-0033-000
Control, Radio Set C1015/ARC-27
Receiver-transmitter Set, Radio 1D21551G01
Attitude And Headin 406-077-804-109
Demultiplexer SB-4370/ARW-83(V)
Receiving Set, Radio 10-180505-2
Control, Radio Set 622-8111-005
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 622-8132-002
Receiver, Radio R-2524/ARW-83(V)
Repair Kit, Radio Equipment 222-3002-733
Monitor, Television VM504
Receiving Set, Radio 10-180505-3
Control, Radio Set 522-2447-562
Monitor, Television 102704G3
Selector, Voice 965582-105
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 937A
Radio Set 522-4788-001
Transmitter, Radio ST-410S
Camera, Television 3856192-1
Matrix, Communication 968710-127
Matrix, Communication 966700-137
Lens, Camera, Television HF16A-2
Monitor, Television JB-1408HMA
Control, Radio Set 707677-806
Receiver, Radio 707678-809
Selector Communicat 966800-109
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 171105G02
Encoder Module Assy 948-111759-00
Exciter, Radio Frequency 1974AS103-1
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 064-1005-12
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 064-1005-14
Monitor, Television LTC2012/61
Panel Assy 687-0036-002
Tuner, Radio Frequency S416345
Adapter, Camera, Tele 1291FD13
Control, Radio Set C-12160/USQ-113(V)
Receiver-transmitter Subassembly 171364G02
Receiver-transmitter Subassembly 171276G01
Panel Assy, Vhf 400-0106-010
Panel Assy, Int A201-12C/D
Intercommset A201-12B/D
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 400-0102-000
Indicator, Channel-frequency 1D1003ARC
Processor, Signal Data 81901-05
Receiving Set, Telemetric Data 822-0018-101
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 345009149
Exciter, Radio Frequency 647-2634-003
Translator, Signal Data G1-17-4100
Receiver, Radio WJ-8604-1
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 900071-842
Control, Radio Set C-11950(V)/ARC
Radio Set AN/ARC-225
Receiver, Radio 9343LO-A
Radio Relay System AN/ARW-85(V)2
Radio Relay System AN/ARW-85(V)3
Matrix, Communication 976622-107
Matrix, Communication 976622-111
Processor, Signal Data P310A012-N50
Receiver, Radio 51-P21342J001
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 066-03034-0005
Switching Unit, Audio-video 91030070-001
Control, Radio Set 066-01055-0052
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 622-6130-072
Monitor, 12 Channel NM12L
Detector, Four Channel 700100517B
Processor, Signal Data A3111555
Lower Loop H538A181-01
Control, Radio Set 147-0132-000
Switch, Special 214248-SP
Control, Radio Set 901358-809
Reference Time Base H538A166-01
Sync-data Detector H538A162-01
Interface Unit, Torn K310A065-60
Digital Data Process P310A016-01
Plain Text Processor H538A164-01
Interface Unit Ukad K310A071-50
Aerial Interface Unit H538A178-01
Interface, Digital Data H538A180-01
Tacan H538A182-01
Filter, Power Supply K600A200-04
Voice Support A538R128-20
Sequencer Multiplex H274A025-01
Serial Input Output A538R130-50
Timing Input Output H274A024-01
Tailored Input Output A538R125-50
Voice Support A538R128-60
Support, Radio Receiver A362M559-01
Receiver, Radio R546130-01
Chassis Assy Specia A405A138-96
Housing Special H314A003-104
Chassis Assy Specia H200A171-01
Plate 4-554008-01
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 91701425
Vocoder E805963-MOD6
Receiver-transmitter, Radio B4041920-1
Receiver-transmitter, Radio B4041919-1
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT-1476C/ARC-201C(V)

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