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Radio And Television Communication Equipment, Airborne - FSC 5821

Telemetering Equipment.
Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

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Demultiplexer SB-4404/ARW-83(V)
Processor, Signal Data 7-511F00111-3
Transceiver 902047-801
Tuning Unit, Antenna D9935.0000
Panel, Signal Distribution, Radio 3350846-1
Rack Assembly, Modular 3352074-3
Motherboard, Scm 19153-501-11
Television Sensor 1390N5
Transponder 27343000-506
Transmitter, Radio 163762A4
Card, Radio Frequency 3332939-1
Card, Radio Frequency 3332938-1
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 622-7293-101
Receiver-transmitter, Radio DATATRAC 250
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 1007109G-3
Processor, Signal Data CD-81A/USC-55A
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT-1714A/USC-55A
Processor, Signal Data CD-81B/USC-55B
Processor, Signal Data 622-8926-001
Processor, Signal Data 622-8927-001
Panel, Signal Distribution, Radio 725467-806
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT-1786/ARC230
Control, Radio Set 822-0922-003
Filter, Neutral Density 62003012
Control, Radio Set C-12543/ARC229
Radio Set 622-1524-017
Signal Processor Co R548518-01
Audio Memory And Re R548347-03
Audio Memory And Re R548347-02
Timing Generator R548285-01
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 235550-8
Display Unit Remote PS318162-01
Control, Radio Set 622-8111-006
Switching Unit, Audio-video SB-V4
Receiver, Radio 9729866
Receiver, Radio 9729890
Satcom Coaxial Cable Kit 491HNS-504
Transmitter 33020006
Control, Radio Set 902138-803
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 5531718
Receiver-transmitter Set, Radio P600A032-02
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 622-8149-031
Modulator-power Supply 722544-804
Modulator-power Supply 722543-804
Lens, Camera, Television 503-301-12380
Satcom Coaxial Cable Kit 491HNS-502
Processor, Signal Data 822-1042-001
Processor 676-4527-021
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 902047-812
Video Sensor Head 1390B25
Receiver-transmitter Subassembly 300-2097-003
Desk, Radio Equipment 368759-19
Matrix, Communication 16E4029-801
Processor, Signal Data 3126AS690
Repeater Set, Radio GCC-RR-3SMCC
Processor, Signal Data 066-50000-0108
Matrix, Communication 16E1156-141
Matrix, Communication 16E2519-267
Control Display Uni K310A097-20
Receiver Subassembly, Radio 995-4760-010
Counter Assembly 676-8802-030
Frame, Module 676-8804-002
Wire Assembly 676-4984-002
Heatsink 676-8290-001
Converter 676-8366-030
Interconnect 676-2137-001
Kit 676-2750-001
Amplifier, Power 676-4525-010
Processor, Left 676-4527-031
Receiver Subassembly, Radio 03-07276-001
Receiver Subassembly, Radio A3112134-003
Receiver Subassembly, Radio A3112134-004
Shield, Special 676-8326-001
Shield, Special 676-8301-001
Shield, Special 676-8327-001
Plate, Cover Free Air Temp Bulb 393204-3
Plug, Cover Free Air Temp Bulb 393204-5
Monitor, Television 7351SPCD/RS9U
Radio Set 689-2000-017
Receiver, Radio 3895-0000-001
Receiver-transmitter, Radio A-3126A
Receiver-transmitter Subassembly 634-8899-010
Camera Set, Television 15-1100
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 822-0645-005
Decoder, Video DC1-P
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT-1168H/ARC-164(V)
Lens, Camera, Television PH6X6REA-1A-II
Camera Set, Television 15-1000
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT-1167J/ARC-164(V)
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT-1145E/ARN-164(V)
Selector, Mode, Hsi-v 5050218-9
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 6892104-23F
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 6892104-23G
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 6892104-23E
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 6892104-23D
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 6892104-23C
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 6892104-23B
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 6892104-23A
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 6892104-13G
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 6892104-13F

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