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Radio And Television Communication Equipment, Airborne - FSC 5821

Telemetering Equipment.
Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

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Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 6892104-13E
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 6892104-13D
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 6892104-13C
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 6892104-13B
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 6892104-13A
Matrix, Communication 499-4870-001
Converter, Dc To Ac 3600078
Control, Radio Set C-12391A/ARC-187
Control, Radio Set 902229-847
Control Assembly, Mechanical 9434207
Control, Television Monitor 9434196-1
Control, Television Monitor 9434195-1
Receiving Set, Radio 10-193500-1
Transmitter, Radio T-1619(V)1/B
Transmitter, Radio 9329525-2
Transmitter, Radio 9329525-3
Transmitter, Radio 9329525-4
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 7801-1100-1
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 437-C4524-00
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 437-C4524-01
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 437-C4524-02
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 437-C4524-03
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 437-C4524-04
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 437-C4524-05
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 437-C4524-06
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT-1556A/ARC-210
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT-1794(C)/ARC
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 822-1410-001
Radio Set AN/ARC222
Control, Radio Set 822-1276-001
Processor, Signal Data K310A063-70
Pulse Supression Unit B56656003-101
Support Resistor Assembly H333A090-01
Transmitter, Radio 453-5000
Control, Radio Set G7413-01
Camera, Television 1425AA3001
Receiver-transmitter Set, Radio A3111556-001
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 10541-1000-01
Processor, Signal Data A3111555-001
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 822-0095-002
Receiver-transmitter Subassembly 685-8306-006
Dimmer Unit, Light LH10B
Control, Radio Set 902135-833
Receiver, Radio WJ-8607N1
Tuner, Radio Frequency 622-9852-122
Receiver-transmitter Set, Radio 822-0101-002
Receiver, Radio WJ-8626A-1
Receiver, Radio 1-22110005-100
Receiver, Radio WJ-8628A-1-1/FE
Receiver, Radio WJ-8628A-1-2 (FE)
Receiver, Radio WJ-8626A-1-2
Receiver, Radio WJ-8626-1-3
Modulator-power Supply 571276-2
Support, Radio Receiver 204-075-266-65
Receiver, Radio 3895-0500-002
Processor, Signal Data CP-2024B/ARC-190(V)
Arc 210 System 752-4123-001
Disc Detent 635-8613-001
Radio Set 822-0836-114
Multimis, Att, Blko 4071222-511
Control, Radio Set 822-1276-002
Processor Group, Signal Data K310A063-62
Processor Group, Signal Data K310A063-63
Processor, Signal Data 8520127-905
Camera, Television 339050-502
Panel, Signal Distribution, Radio 94004F1100
Receiver, Radio R546130-02
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 5421084-002/2238.5MHZ
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 5421084-003/2209.5MHZ
Transmitting Set, Telemetric Data 5421084-004/2296.5MHZ
Control, Radio Set 152043-2
Control, Radio Set 152048-2
Control, Radio Set 152041-2
Control, Radio Set 41807-1
Receiver-transmitter, Radio RT1794(C)/ARC
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 822-1114-001
Control, Radio Set 822-1120-005
Control, Radio Set 902319-803-E2C
Control, Transmitter, Radio 822-1276-003
Monitor, Television 507670-01
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 822-1116-001
Optical Window Asse 3227310-1
Receiver, Radio WJ-8654A-1
Receiver-transmitter, Radio 622-9947-001
Receiver-driver NW0034-D IT3
Control, Transmitter, Radio 17B1U6018-503
Modification Kit, Radio Equipment 2012-0303-03-1
Tuner, Radio Frequency WJ-9104-1
Monitor, Television 106665-905
Processor, Signal Data 137200-01
Tuner, Radio Frequency 137250-01
Receiver Subassembly, Radio 137750-01
Processor, Signal Data 137775-01
Receiver-transmitter, Radio P600A075
Transmitter Assembly, Radio 4071097-0501
Exciter, Radio Frequency 5135881-1
Receiver-transmitter Set, Radio 726801-807
Control, Radio Set 902275-807
Processor, Signal Data 622-9746-103
Exciter, Radio Frequency 10-381550-1C

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