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Night Vision Equipment, Emitted And Reflected Radiation - FSC 5855

Sighting And Observation Devices, Target Detectors And Locators, Remote Viewing Systems Utilizing Heat Radiation Emitted From Object(s), Associated Radiation Sources, Image Converters And Image Intensifiers, Optical Cells And Other Components Designed For Night Vision Equipment. Holders And Lens Used With Infrared Equipment Are Also Included In This Fsc.
Last Modified: Feb 27, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Container, Foam, Bott SM-D-969608
Pad, Cushioning 13099853-3
Basic Sight Assy 13160758
Block 8455837
Case, Optical Instrument 880220-1
Pump And Motor Asse 3304163-1
Night Vision Sight 13265140
Plate, Backing SM-D-804954
Plate, Retaining SM-D-804947
Plate, Backing SM-D-805662
Night Sensor Assemb 13076056-019
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 13076222-029
Detector, Integrated 5542714
Case, Optical Instrument 102918
Holding Fixture, Ass 13083230
Target, Diagonal SM-C-968339
Viewer, Drivers Night 10502185
Lid D22188C1
Intensifier 55221-1
Modification Kit, Night Vision Eq 13239571
Modification Kit, Night Vision Eq 13239572
Modification Kit, Night Vision Eq 13239570
Night Vision Goggle 300500
Night Vision Goggle A3144256
Night Vision Goggle AN/PVS-5B
Night Vision Goggle AN/PVS-7A
Image Intensifier Tube, Night Vis MX-10130A/UV
Image Intensifier Tube, Night Vis 300120
Image Intensifier, Night Vision SM-D-968504
Uut Mount Inter 313757-1
Sensor, Flow Bleed 7082M47G06
Cord Assembly 2882574
Night Sensor Assemb 13076056-029
Case, Field Handling 13265074
Gimbal, Power Supply Assembly 2770643-1
Carrier, Video 2770614-1
Receiver Assembly 2770627-1
Receiver Assembly 2001214-5
Retainer, Optical Element 13075340
Viewer, Infrared AN/VVS-2(V)4
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 300138
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 207761-110
Filter, Infrared Light 6586-16-6042-10
Box Assembly, Rfi 3305459-1
Infrared Sensor DS774TI
Afocal, Cover 13239574
Access Plate Assy SM-D-772145
Telescope, Assembly 13282563
Electronics Assembly, Turret 708666-2
Imager, Optical 2847310
Flange Baffle Assm 2847344
Mount, Prism, Machine 2865257
Lens And Cell Assem 2887761
Lens, Aperture 2887759
Fork, Engagement SM-C-771827-2
Night Vision Sight 5002490
Support Assembly 5002541
Shelf Assembly 5002571
Slide Assembly, Fore 5002572
Eyepiece Assembly, Optical Instru 5005836
Eyepiece Assembly, Optical Instru 5005837
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 5002499
Night Vision Sight, 5002635
Shelf Assembly 5002619
Clamp Assembly 5003583
Optical Stop SM-C-804572
Afocal Cover 13239560
Case, Carry-stowage SM-D-969228
Imager, Optical SM-D-969218
Wheel, Filter, Spectr SM-D-969214
Cooler-detector SM-D-969345
Tray, Component SM-D-969354
Detectordewar 5006356
Night Vision Sight 13239589
Night Vision Sight 13239592
Piston Assembly SM-D-808534
Cap, Lens 5006825
Control, Infrared Set 5006826
Test Set, Night Visi 13265191
Equipment Set, Night 13239557
Equipment Set, Night 13251667
Lens, Infrared Receiver 13239664
Test Set, Night Visi 13265192
Case, Carrying A3140660
Case, Infrared Equipment SC-071414BLK/PVS-7A
Lens Assembly, Obje A3140850
Facemask A3140690
Case Shipping SC-061016
Goggle Assembly A3144261
Mount Assembly, Obje 300021-2
Collimator, Infrared A3172531
Image Intensifier Tube, Night Vis 300025-1
Rear Cover Assembly A3144310
Diopter Cell Assemb 300108-1
Diopter Focus Ring 300068-1
Wire Body Assembly 300029-1
Device, Purge 5007665
Strap, Elastic Assem 300024-1
Goggle Assembly 207910-001
Image Intensifier Tube, Night Vis 207766-100

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