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Night Vision Equipment, Emitted And Reflected Radiation - FSC 5855

Sighting And Observation Devices, Target Detectors And Locators, Remote Viewing Systems Utilizing Heat Radiation Emitted From Object(s), Associated Radiation Sources, Image Converters And Image Intensifiers, Optical Cells And Other Components Designed For Night Vision Equipment. Holders And Lens Used With Infrared Equipment Are Also Included In This Fsc.
Last Modified: Mar 07, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element SC-D-599184-1
Box, Control 599628
Pedestal, Lamp Suppo 599678
Cover Assembly, Back 599459
Support, Reflector 599480
Carrier, Azimuth Rin 599588
Housing Section, Viewer, Infrared 599696
Rod Assembly SCC599638
Mount, Viewer 599386
Housing Assembly, Le 600056-1
Spindle Assembly, Le 600111-1
Housing Assembly, Ri 600056-2
Bracket And Spindle SC-C-600011
Support Assembly, Fo 600065
Housing, Lh SCD600048-3
Cover Assembly, Left SCD600015-1
Filter Assembly, Inf SCD647000-1
Deflector, Eccentric 1126934-1
Housing Assembly, Sh SCD646915
Searchlight Infrare MX8525AGSS18
Housing, Image Intensifier, Night SC-D-611759
Receiver Mount Asse SCC635145
Control, Searchlight Set C7906VSS3
Control Box C7905VSS3
Search Light, Infrar 1126835-3
Mount, Viewer SC-D-646811-1
Control, Infrared Set 3336500-110
Infrared Lens Assem SCD599945
Carrier, Lens, Outer SCD599925
Lens Assembly, Eyepi SMC657345
Case Assembly, Carry SM-D-657430
Lens, Infrared Receiver SC-C-627743
Image Intensifier Tube, Night Vis 3603-3
Panel Assembly, Sens 8477-69070-1
Panel Assembly Sens 8477-69060-1
Image Intensifier Assembly MX7856AUV
Eyepiece Assy, Bico SU-100/TVS-4
Night Vision Device 8112270G1
Searchlight Subassembly 5855001513853
Night Vision Sight 9972
Night Vision Sight D635150
Chamber, Air 501-2518-401
Frame, Upper, Searchl 501-2482-401
Converter, Infrared, 9924
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument SC-D-649064
Coupler, Ring, Range 1122150
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element SC-C-635127
Oscillator, Automatic Brightness 100-175-401
Oscillator, Automatic, Brightness 100-174-401
Image Intensifier, N 8586-6
Control, Searchlight 501-2352-004
Control, Searchlight 501-2353-004
Searchlight, Infrare MX8272AVSS3
Searchlight Set, Inf SC-D-647200
Viewer, Infrared ER702073-1
Strap Assembly, Vie AP805153-1
Night Vision Sight ANPVS2A
Night Vision Sight SCD645710
Night Vision Device A8109900G1
Reticle Assembly, Optical Instrum M14
Oscillator SCC623461
Retainer Objective SCB623544
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument SC-C-623458
Eyepiece Assembly SCD623456
Tube Multiplier Ass SCC623460
Retainer, Optical Element SC-C-611740-3
Module No 3 8605-3
Module No 1 SCD611743-20
Mask, Face, Night Vision SC-D-623575-1
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument SC-C-623452
Cover, Camera, Televi 7581846P1
Viewer, Infrared 7591929G1
Searchlight Infrare SCD647252-1
Cover, Optical Sight 3167580-1
Container, Half, Image Intensifier SCD611783
Converter Assembly SMD646600
Cushion Lower SCD627995
Filter, Infrared Light 1100395
Accessory Kit, Xenon 1421900
Ring Alignment P536320
Ring Alignment P512188
Adapter, Lamp SCD646936
Block, Dovetail SC-C-646934
Booster, Starter SCD646946-6
Clip Assembly, Front 1128310-1
Housing Assembly La SCD646948-5
Ducting Assembly He 1126546-7
Focus Motor Assembl SCD646980
Housing Objective 1120503-1
Sensor Current 2SC4-1-10A
Cushion Upper SCD627996
Housing Assembly Tube And Power RT205-943
Pad, Mirror 707763-1
Pad, Emitter Mirror 707764-1
Printed Lead Assembly, Flexible 709072-1
Retainer, Optical Element 708600-1
Prism Assembly, Infrared 708974-1
Cover, Receiver 708972-2
Shroud, Gimbal 708019-2
Brush Assembly, Motor 772974-1

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