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Night Vision Equipment, Emitted And Reflected Radiation - FSC 5855

Sighting And Observation Devices, Target Detectors And Locators, Remote Viewing Systems Utilizing Heat Radiation Emitted From Object(s), Associated Radiation Sources, Image Converters And Image Intensifiers, Optical Cells And Other Components Designed For Night Vision Equipment. Holders And Lens Used With Infrared Equipment Are Also Included In This Fsc.
Last Modified: Mar 08, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Receiver, Infrared 717612210-139
Detecting Set, Infrared 717600000-269
Filter, Infrared Light F12
Control, Infrared Set 92007016
Controller, Hand, Spe 92007005
Panel, Assy, Front, Sp 62000310
Thermal Imaging System 92005022
Outer Azimuth Assembly 65001012
Adapter Assy, Tripod 241414-110
Cap, Lens 240435-100
Image Intensifier, S 241370-110
Binocular, Night Vis 208885-004
Control, Infrared Set T217495
Image Converter, Night Vision JA218875-00
Pan And Tilt Assy 13481251
Cap, Lens 15263-001
Overlay, Display 085736
Basic Sight Assy 13265516
Cover, Afocal 13429175
Forward Looking Infrared Imaging 13076056-059
Magnifier Lens Assembly 550-1503-300
Image Intensifier, Night Vision MX10160B
Mask, Face, Night Vision 300518
Drive Assembly, Atu 65005063
System Control Unit 3897080-111
Viewer, Infrared 4219249
Forward Looking Infrared Imaging 13076056-079
Forward Looking Infrared Imaging 13076056-559
Forward Looking Infrared Imaging 13076056-069
Sight, Thermal BSL-1
Thermal Imaging System A3211100
Retainer, Optical Element 3002722-1
Filter, Infrared Light ML1510
Viewer, Infrared A3189350
Mount, Viewer 668771
Mount, Viewer A3170556
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0002-YH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0003-YH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0004-YH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0005-AH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0007-AH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-001-YH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0011-YH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0012-YH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0008-YH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0010-YH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0024-AH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0015-AH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0013-AH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0017-YH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0018-YH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0016-AH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0021-YH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0022-YH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0023-YH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0019-YH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0026-AH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0014-AH
Filter, Night Vision 25-1710-0025-AH
Adapter, Viewer, Infrared 2013317
Cooler, Cryogenic SM-D-969477
Transmitter, Infrared 902212G
Transmitter, Infrared T-1604/U
Gimbal, Stabilized, S 95001012
Receiver, Infrared R-2493/AAS-42
Filter, Infrared Light 2000084-006
Roll Gimbal Assembly 174D5085G1
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 6886320
Eyepiece Assembly, Optical Instru A3170825
Collimator, Infrared A3170840
Telescope, Non-inverting Infrared A3170261
Telescope, Non-inverting Infrared A3170610
Telescope, Non-inverting Infrared A3170710
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 208777-100
Purge Kit JA/219422
Case, Infrared Equipment BWI25J06
Eyepiece Assembly, Optical Instru A3170826
Control, Infrared Set C-12217/AAS-42
Image Intensifier Tube, Night Vis MX-11620/U
Image Intensifier Tube, Night Vis A3245422
Window, Filter Qty 760-104-001
Filter, Infrared Light 169A154-2
Lens Assembly, Focusing 81140305
Accessory Kit, Night 2195-10149-02-3
Image Intensifier, Night Vision AN/PV2-9A
Cap, Lens 561-1015-001
Viewer, Infrared IRV-1
Cap, Lens 1002844-1
Adapter, Goggles, Night Vision ANV-126-024
Monitor, Miniature 4006733-1
Telescope, Non-inverting Infrared 4006706-2
Telescope, Non-inverting Infrared 4006706-1
Filter, Infrared Light 9353165
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 39102760
Cap, Lens 208011-110
Infrared Equipment, Subassembly 5002054-1
Dome, Infrared Receiver 174D5786P1
Adapter, Goggles, Night Vision ANV-126-01
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 510-6070-400
Mount, Viewer 5005815-1

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