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Night Vision Equipment, Emitted And Reflected Radiation - FSC 5855

Sighting And Observation Devices, Target Detectors And Locators, Remote Viewing Systems Utilizing Heat Radiation Emitted From Object(s), Associated Radiation Sources, Image Converters And Image Intensifiers, Optical Cells And Other Components Designed For Night Vision Equipment. Holders And Lens Used With Infrared Equipment Are Also Included In This Fsc.
Last Modified: Mar 04, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Case, Field Handling 13429176-2
Detecting Set, Infrared 3133616-1
Mount, Viewer A3256368
Linear, Cooler Assembly 2924763-8
Lens, Infrared Receiver 313563-1
Led Array 305933-1
Scanner Assembly 3133561-1
Image Intensifier, Night Vision MX-10160A/AVS-6
Illuminator, Infrared LL27WF
Viewing Set, Infrared 3224275
Sight, Thermal AN/PAS-13A(V)2
Sight, Thermal AN/PAS-13A(V)3
Sight, Thermal AN/PAS-13A(V)1
Baffle 6886161
Surveillance System, Scout, Long R AN/TAS-8
Adapter, Goggles, Night Vision ANV-126-194
Image Intensifier, Night Vision KN203F
Cap, Lens 208545-001
Aviators Night Vision System 207490-004
Aviators Night Vision System M929(V)2 ANVIS-GEN 2
Mount, Viewer 207530-002
Retainer, Optical Element 207569-100
Mount, Viewer 207610-002
Case, Infrared Equipment 207602-004
Strap Assembly, Chin 207601-100
Lens, Infrared Receiver 208836-100
Filter, Infrared Light 240324-100
Case, Infrared Equipment 241793-100
Eyeshield, Optical Instrument 240800-100
Lens, Infrared Receiver 240381-100
Eyeshield, Optical Instrument 240802-100
Mount, Viewer 240061-100
Filter, Infrared Light 241122-100
Lens, Infrared Receiver 240877-100
Housing, Image Intensifier, Night 240487-100
Sight, Night Vision Sniperscope W1000-15
Window Entrance Ele SM-C-771375-1
Dovetail Setting Fi 2777-0212-1
Seat, Composite FENNG415-1
Seat, Composite FENNG415-2
Case, Infrared Equipment 264789
Image Intensifier, Night Vision ITT271296
Receiver, Infrared 57K2972
Mounting Assy, Night Vision 270113
Illuminator, Infrared ITP-700
Display Unit, Head-up AN/AVS-7(V)7
Display Unit, Head-up AN/AVS-7(V)8
Aperture Stop 6886199
Retainer, Optical Element 6886154
Retainer, Optical Element 6886151
Mount, Viewer 241960-001
Illuminator, Infrared AN/PEQ-4
Sight, Night Vision Sniperscope 6886255
Transmitter, Infrared IR-20
Grip, Pistol, Laser LG-401
Grip, Pistol, Laser LG202
Viewer Kit, Night Vision MODEL450 GENIII
Sight, Night Vision Sniperscope MODEL750 GENIII
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 150XXLR
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 150XLR
Cap, Lens 0241877-100
Modification Kit, Night Vision Eq ML-3
Mount, Viewer 242299-100
Mount, Viewer 242297-100
Mount, Viewer 242296-100
Mount, Viewer 242298-100
Mount, Viewer 242345-100
Adapter, Mechanical 241407-100
Collimator, Infrared 6390-0101-1
Mask, Face, Night Vision 241088-001
Case, Infrared Equipment 208188-003
Case, Infrared Equipment 208188-002
Sight, Night Vision Sniperscope 240829-003
Sight, Thermal 71001006-9
Relay Assembly, Opti 12437296
Viewer Kit, Night Vision SFK-7D
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 241370-005
Cover, Top, Special 240836-100
Adjuster Assembly, Sniper 240875-100
Housing Assembly, Translating 241422-100
Collar Assembly 240811-100
Reticle Assembly, Optical Instrum 241284-100
Wired Housing Assembly 240878-100
Mask, Face, Night Vision 240459-001
Collimator, Infrared 240475-100
Sleeve, Adjusting 240847-100
Bracket Assembly 241559-100
Reticle Assembly, Optical Instrum 240881-001
Bracket Assembly 240889-100
Shield Assembly, Demist 241815-100
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 2777-0201-1
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 2777-0002-1
Shield, Demist 242796-100
Sight, Thermal 12987753-2
Holder Section, Viewer, Infrared 6390-0154
Holder Section, Viewer, Infrared 3910-6137
Holder Section, Viewer, Infrared 3910-6135
Holder Section, Viewer, Infrared 3910-5029
Holder Section, Viewer, Infrared 3910-4742
Holder Section, Viewer, Infrared 6390-0107

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