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Night Vision Equipment, Emitted And Reflected Radiation - FSC 5855

Sighting And Observation Devices, Target Detectors And Locators, Remote Viewing Systems Utilizing Heat Radiation Emitted From Object(s), Associated Radiation Sources, Image Converters And Image Intensifiers, Optical Cells And Other Components Designed For Night Vision Equipment. Holders And Lens Used With Infrared Equipment Are Also Included In This Fsc.
Last Modified: Mar 01, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Holder Section, Viewer, Infrared 6390-0155
Holder Section, Viewer, Infrared 6390-0167
Holder Section, Viewer, Infrared 6390-0106
Holder Section, Viewer, Infrared 6390-0105
Thermal Imaging System 95001250-22
Case, Field Handling 13429176-3
Viewer, Infrared 1169466-1
Lens, Infrared Receiver 13588682
Viewer, Infrared 13588685
Focusing Ring, Optical Instrument 242183-100
Frame Assy 240489-100
Mask, Face, Night Vision 241638-100
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 242910-100
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 240821-100
Eyepiece Assembly, Optical Instru 242911-100
Collimator, Infrared MIS-PRF-52938
Turret-flir Unit 95001251
Electronic Unit, Infrared Viewer 95001151
Adapter, Gain Detect 221813
Adapter, Gain Detect 214879
Illuminator, Infrared T2-5012
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 240809-100
Wired Housing Assembly 241599-003
Wired Housing Assembly 241599-001
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 209503-100
Infrared Window Asy MIS-PRF-52964
Image Converter, Night Vision 268495-2
Thermal Imaging System 12987790-2
Infrared Equipment, Subassembly 13E2213-1
Mount, Viewer A.R.M.S.-6
Cooler-dewar Group A3247100
Adapter, Goggles, Night Vision JA218875-002
Retainer, Optical Element 13077717
Detector, Light Intensity A3247020
Focusing Ring, Optical Instrument 268624
Sight, Thermal 3254325-3
Sight, Thermal AN/PAS-13B(V)3
Sight, Thermal AN/PAS-13B(V)2
Holder Assembly Sight 39105031
Diopterscope Optical 213937
Illuminator, Infrared GCP-2C
Illuminator, Infrared M644
Illuminator, Infrared M646
Tube, Housing 240035-100
Housing, Electrical 240033-100
Housing Assembly, Bo 240824-100
Case, Infrared Equipment 6439728
Cooler, Cryogenic 4006669-1
Gyro Assy 65000215
Detector, Dewar Assy 65000022-2
Image Intensifier, Night Vision F4949P
Holder Section, Viewer, Infrared 5002516-4
Case, Infrared Equipment 266833-1
Case, Infrared Equipment 266834-1
Eyeshield, Optical Instrument 242684-100
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 242675-100
Illuminator, Infrared RB9712D
Grip, Pistol, Laser LG-403
Illuminator, Infrared RB9712C
Grip, Pistol, Laser LG-326
Illuminator, Infrared RB9712B
Grip, Laser Pistol LG-329
Cap, Lens 12707-097
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 447144016605
Illuminator, Infrared SUPER 983
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element A3144321
Nvis Filter 8520146-910
Light Aiming Kit, Infrared 241992-005
Thermal Imaging System 6307345
Mount, Viewer NVEC #16
Illuminator, Infrared M002IR
Illuminator, Infrared M100IR
Turret, Assembly, Infrared 803R750G01
Mount, Viewer SM-F-720407
Cooler, Cryogenic 717612209-005
Cooler, Cryogenic A3207241-1
Cooler, Cryogenic A3207241-3
Cooler, Cryogenic A3207241-2
Case, Infrared Equipment 447144031202
Cooler, Cryogenic SC100-22
Eyepiece Assembly, Optical Instru 93143-300
Filter Assembly, Fan 408340
Foot, Front 19014
Foot 19010
Lens Assembly, Focusing 030089
Display Unit, Head-up 12467279
Controller System 92007018
Friction Block 5005827
Eyepiece Housing 664555-2
Wired Housing Assembly A3207330-2
Mount 668922
Mount 39105240
Main Housing 39105268
Tube And Magnifer Gen 2 510-3826-400
Power Adaptor Assembly SM-C-771200-1-701
Needle Valve, Special A3254032-1
Scan Cavity Assembly 65005125
Adapter, Goggles, Night Vision 200194-100
Adapter, Viewer, Infrared 218875-004
Pivot Assembly 242805-100

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