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Night Vision Equipment, Emitted And Reflected Radiation - FSC 5855

Sighting And Observation Devices, Target Detectors And Locators, Remote Viewing Systems Utilizing Heat Radiation Emitted From Object(s), Associated Radiation Sources, Image Converters And Image Intensifiers, Optical Cells And Other Components Designed For Night Vision Equipment. Holders And Lens Used With Infrared Equipment Are Also Included In This Fsc.
Last Modified: Mar 01, 2021

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Filter, Infrared Light 20-00313-001
Filter, Infrared Light 20-00320
Filter, Infrared Light 20-00319
Filter, Infrared Light 20-00321
Filter, Infrared Light 20-00322
Filter, Infrared Light 20-00323
Filter, Infrared Light 20-00317-001
Filter, Infrared Light 20-00318
Case, Infrared Equipment 5002602-3
Display Unit, Head-up 125100-010
Display Unit, Head-up 125200-003
Window Infrared, Air 708038-2
Adapter, Viewer, Infrared 1017175
Viewer, Infrared AM108429-3
Handstrap 7000109
Case, Infrared Equipment AM108215
Case, Infrared Equipment AM10214
Cap, Lens L1457
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 273683
Filter, Infrared Light 030090-1
Receiver, Infrared 3253259-10
Receiver, Infrared 3253259-9
Thermal Imager P4455R/C
Viewer, Infrared 13265255
Case, Infrared Equipment 13265136-2
Pan And Tilt Assembly, Thermal Vi 3248127-1
Cap, Protective 3007951-3
Cap, Purge 3007947-1
Image Intensifier Tube, Night Vis A3264362
Image Intensifier Tube, Night Vis A3264363
Thermal Imaging System 103075
Lens Assembly, Focusing 1996362-3
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 12990484
Eyeshield, Optical Instrument 3249689-1
Key Pad 3244670-1
Key Pad 3244669-1
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 242241-002
Infrared Equipment, Subassembly ITP-220
Visible Light Illum VLI-001C
Visible Infra.targe ITP-750
Cooler, Cryogenic 791430-001
Mount, Viewer SNV-M69-S14B
Filter, Infrared Light ESI990925
Case, Infrared Equipment 3256879-1
Image Intensifier, Night Vision M869-901
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 271839-1
Light, Infrared Transmitter 15-0815-3
Light, Infrared Transmitter 15-0815-1
Viewer Kit, Night Vision M983D
Light, Infrared Transmitter A393420100
Filter, Infrared Light 8520146-903
Night Sight System 39102760-1
Thermal Imaging System 136578-1
Thermal Imaging System K1000 ELITEXR
Grip, Pistol, Laser LG-302
Illuminator, Infrared ACP-2B
Illuminator, Infrared GCP-2B
Illuminator, Infrared GCP-1C
Mount, Viewer SNV-M69-983
Mount, Viewer SNV-M69-AIM
Detector Dewar, Airc LK203D3
Thermal Imaging System 1194900-PM KIT
Retainer, Optical Element 71725
Cooler, Cryogenic 3271057-0201
Wired Housing Assembly 2428819
Lens, Infrared Receiver 3224300-1
Eyeshield, Optical Instrument 3224727-1
Cap, Lens 3224753-1
Eyepiece Assembly, Optical Instru 3224721-1
Sensor Assyembly, Infrared 21046675-108
Image Converter, Night Vision 217946
Turret, Assembly, Infrared XFRT 1419-45
Turret, Assembly, Infrared 622990-1
Turret, Assembly, Infrared 622990-2
Mount, Viewer 39100521-1
Eyepiece Assembly, Optical Instru 39100491
Housing Section, Viewer, Infrared 39100499
Battery Compartment, Viewer Infra 39100514
Mount, Viewer 2882528
Cell, Optical Element 39100515
Cap, Lens 243506-100
Eyecup Assembly 242957-100
Focusing Ring, Optical Instrument 6886215
Illuminator, Infrared ATILLA-200
Viewer, Infrared PALMIR-225
Cooler-dewar Group A3271799-3
Cooler-dewar Group A3271799-4
Hub Assembly- Eleva 65001023
Hub Assembly Elevat 65001024
Eyeshield, Optical Instrument 10099789
Receiver, Infrared 3236456-2
Sight, Night Vision Sniperscope 240826-004
Sight, Night Vision Sniperscope 241390-006
Sight, Night Vision Sniperscope 241390-004
Sight, Night Vision Sniperscope 240826-006
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 207958-100
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element 207997-100
Cell Optical Instru 240317-100
Adapter Eyepiece Le 241803-100
Adapter Eyepiece 241785-100

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