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Night Vision Equipment, Emitted And Reflected Radiation - FSC 5855

Sighting And Observation Devices, Target Detectors And Locators, Remote Viewing Systems Utilizing Heat Radiation Emitted From Object(s), Associated Radiation Sources, Image Converters And Image Intensifiers, Optical Cells And Other Components Designed For Night Vision Equipment. Holders And Lens Used With Infrared Equipment Are Also Included In This Fsc.
Last Modified: Mar 04, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Retainer, Optical Element 209754-100
Telescope, Calibrati ANV-126-080-5
Adaptor Block ANV-126-080-18
Eyepiece Assembly, Optical Instru ANV-126-147
Eyepiece Assembly, Optical Instru ANV-126-146
Eyepiece Assembly, Optical Instru ANV-1026-102
Eyepiece Assembly, Optical Instru ANV-1026-101
Cap, Lens 1996515-17
Telescope, Non-inverting Infrared 3236452-1
Telescope, Non-inverting Infrared 6436992
Cap, Lens 204197-001
Eyepiece Assembly, Optical Instru 901864-003
Viewer, Infrared PALMIR-250
Transmitter, Infrared IRB-4
Transmitter, Infrared IRP-18
Viewer, Infrared SRTI-18
Viewer, Infrared MRTI-12
Viewer, Infrared SRTI-18-M2
Viewer, Infrared NVEC-1700R
Viewer, Infrared MRTI-9
Viewer, Infrared LRTI-618
Illuminator, Infrared AIM-2000
Transmitter, Infrared IRC-6X1
Transmitter, Infrared IRC-24X2.5
Cooler-dewar Assembly, Second Gen A3190634-1
Detector, Dewar A3190635
Mount, Viewer A.R.M.S.#5
Cooler-dewar Group 13315457-006
Night Vision Sight 242970-011
Control, Infrared Set 3494AS820
Lens, Infrared Receiver 7055-3820-03
Forward Looking Infrared Imaging 6384290-100
Cooler, Cryogenic 66910360-19
Cable Assembly, Disp 12461148
Mount, Viewer 2777-0244-1
Case, Infrared Equipment 243502-100
Battery Compartment, Viewer Infra 39108359
Viewer Kit, Night Vision 242970-013
Sight, Night Vision Sniperscope 242960-013
Modification Kit, Night Vision Eq 2000842
Filter, Infrared Light 2000982-003
Filter, Infrared Light 2000982-001
Night Vision Cap Rc 2166150-006
Filter, Infrared Light 2000983-003
Modification Kit, Night Vision Eq MOBILE-SE-KIT
Filter, Infrared Light 4100331-002
Filter, Infrared Light 4100341-001
Viewer, Infrared 10021134
Sight, Thermal 162521025
Mount, Viewer 242808-100
Filter, Infrared Light 2000983-001
Thermal Imaging System K90-SS2000
Sight, Thermal 22702
Electronic Unit, Infrared Viewer 6442100-111
Cap, Lens 243552-100
Sleeve, Lens 243551-100
Cap, Lens 243506-001
Lid 242959-100
Nvis Filter Kit Fcp 2166150-004
Sight, Night Vision Sniperscope 22322
Sight, Night Vision Sniperscope 22381
Viewer Kit, Night Vision SFK-14
Quick Mount GGG-101683
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 2777-0240-7
Case, Infrared Equipment 2777-05125-1
Case, Infrared Equipment 2777-0705-1
Helmet Mount 2777-0249-1
Helmet Mount 2777-0249-2
Hud Port Cap 2777-0577-1
Switch Knob 2777-0709-2
Dovetail 2777-05105-2
Viewer Kit, Night Vision 2777-0003-7
Case, Carrying, Google System 208799-100
Reticle Assembly, Optical Instrum 241779-002
Reticle Assembly, Optical Instrum 241779-006
Helmet Mount Assembly 241960-007
Binocular System 242552-001
Goggle, Night Vision 240006-006
Cover, Filter VLI-221-A1
Cover, Filter VLI-221-A2
Cover, Filter VLI-222-01
Case, Infrared Equipment 244266-100
Illuminator, Infrared IRI-2430
Adapter Assembly, Purge 269390-2
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 270120-3
Pointer, Laser, Target 4C000C-BE
Monocular Assembly A3256340
Pan And Tilt Assembly, Thermal Vi CM101C
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 243770-001
Mount, Viewer 242811-004
Sight, Thermal AN/PAS-13B(V)4
Camera, Ccd TM-6
Pan And Tilt Assembly, Thermal Vi PT-550P
Pan And Tilt Assembly, Thermal Vi MPTV-1510PZ
Ring, Eyepiece 208840-100
Light Aiming Kit, Infrared LAM-700-A1
Image Converter, Night Vision 274602
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 274603
Viewer, Infrared 3243737-04-60-21-3-0-01-01-03
Image Intensifier, Night Vision 206056-003

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