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Night Vision Equipment, Emitted And Reflected Radiation - FSC 5855

Sighting And Observation Devices, Target Detectors And Locators, Remote Viewing Systems Utilizing Heat Radiation Emitted From Object(s), Associated Radiation Sources, Image Converters And Image Intensifiers, Optical Cells And Other Components Designed For Night Vision Equipment. Holders And Lens Used With Infrared Equipment Are Also Included In This Fsc.
Last Modified: Feb 27, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Case, Field Handling SM-D-807944
Retainer, Optical Element SM-C-772193
Ring, Retaining, Optical Element SM-C-804271
Pinch Off Tube Asse SM-C-773573
Adapter, Viewer, Infrared SM-D-806899-2
Filter Assembly, Air 2046489-1
Scanner, Mechanical SM-D-807690-3
Scanner, Mechanical MX-9872(V)2/UA
Image Intensifier SM-D-804550
Mount, Viewer SM-D-804430
Case, Tripod SM-D-804551
Strap, Leg SM-C-775122
Cell, Optical Element SM-C-772698
Mount, Viewer SM-D-852004
Lens And Cell Assembly SM-C-772023
Filter, In-line, Air 306292
Assembly, Daylight F SM-D-808322
Eyeshield, Optical Instrument SM-D-807379
Mount Assembly, View SM-D-771210-2
Housing, Assembly, Pr SM-D-771434-1
Test Set, Box 1 Of 2 SM-D-807420
Weldment, Bracket SM-D-806962
Uut Mount Subassy SM-D-804376
Cam, Post SM-D-804231
Vpc Load Assembly SM-C-804226
Test Set, Box 2 Of 2 SM-C-804369
Tool Assembly, Drying 3304605-1
Roller 8455471
Testor, Optical Alig S-21437
Reticle Condenser Assembly 2001727-1
Reticle, Projection 2001726-1
Focus Adjustment 2046473-1
Lens, Positive Phase Shift 857926-1
Cover, Protective 200-1566-00
Tubing And Core Assembly 3305047-1
Rope Assembly, Guide 3305023-1
Lens, Navigational L 25-0918-21C
Insert Lens Rotatin 1661
Guide, Panel Light 81-0849-9
Plug Assembly, Tube 3305043-1
Valve Assembly Probe 3304892-2
Adapter And Orfice 3304894-1
Minicooler 3305064-1
Flask 3303237-1
Poppet-check Valve 3303958-1
Guide Nest 3304013-1
Roller Bearing Asse 3303145-1
Cylinder, Bottle Holding 8455146-2
Kit, Plug 3304895-1
Clamp Assy 810312-1
Cover 788744-2
Filter, Washer 10365
Cam, Actuating 770977-2
Shield, Radiation 793890-1
Ground Plane, Auxiliary 810252-2
Clamp Shell, Inside 708759-1
Shield, Radiation 799190-1
Shield, Radiation 793898-1
Support, Internal 708935-2
Clamp, Left Hand 708379-2
Clamp, Right Hand 708380-2
Ground Strap 799194-1
Cover, Bottom 708297-2
Collar 3304504-1
Nut Gland PMS9197-001-01
Plug 3304505-1
Filter Assembly C87714
Generator Assembly 088114-2
Retainer, Optical Element SM-C-806647
Mount, Viewer SM-D-806892
Adapter, Viewer, Infrared SM-D-806898-2
Illuminator 1397-1
Illuminator, Infrared 1397-2
Prismatic Lens Assy 1403-1
Prismatic Lens Assy 1403-2
Post Amp Motherboar 793783-1
Cover 794219-2
Cover, Bottom 794218-2
Helium Line, Formed 342662-1
Module Retainer 785030-1
Helium Line, Formed 342727-1
Counterbalance Assy 814946-1
Shield, Fan 708840-1
Bracket, Fan 880625-1
Shield, Dc Motor 789553-1
Support, Bearing 789577-1
Ring, Focus 2024457-1
Helium Line Gimbal 794340-1
Heater, Refrigerator 708820-2
Slip Ring, Rotary 707928-2
Switch Assy, Trigger 707-223-1
Support, Amplifier 708334-2
Support, Amplifier 708335-2
Ground Plane 810253-2
Clamp, Helium Line 708427-2
Window, Cooler 707951-1
Motherboard, Amplifi 793785-1
Connector, Emitter 708696-2
Strap, Assembly, Grou XH6950
Nipple And Adaptor Assembly 3304839-1

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