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Stimulated Coherent Radiation Devices, Components, And Accessories - FSC 5860

Last Modified: Sep 24, 2020

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Filter, Waveguide SMD730378
Vacuum Vessel SMD730362
Absorber, Coherent Radiation Ener 917804-5
Absorber, Coherent Radiation Ener 917804-9
Cryostat, Laser 800770-1-1
Alignment Fixture, Laser BA500A
Monitor, Laser Energy P3
Laser, Gas 42L
Module SMD730317
Laser, Gas 3176H
Module, Pump Source SMD730552
Power Supply 408-755-2
Laser, Gas 132
Detector, Light Intensity A2235-0A001
Detector, Light Intensity LA210A
Lamp, Flashtube, Laser FX103C3
Detector, Light Intensity 2890589-1
Mirror, Reflective, L 582-1600
Mirror, Output, Laser 582-1601
Reflector, Resonant, Laser 10559459
Laser, Gas 582-0622
Monitor, Laser Energy 113
Sampler, Laser Beam 580-00-12
Detector, Light Intensity 580
Laser, Gas 41
Laser, Gas 133-233
Element, Sensing, Det 285-0196
Tube, Laser 941-3000
Detector, Light Intensity 402643
Alignment Fixture, Laser 8296201
Meter Laser Power LTM10
Detector, Light Intensity 8334A
Laser, Gas 120
Laser, Gas ULI230
Q-switch, Laser 10559405
Absorber Assy, Radia 937227-105
Sensor, Cryogenic Level 42S47B
Laser, Gas DDL-2SH
Sensor, Laser L1481
Laser, Gas DL-1100
Grating And Mount, Laser Scanning 12A06
Laser Head 3221HC
Interferometer TN 10
Reflector, Resonant, Laser 10559447
Laser, Gas 3100
Water Cooler, Closed-loop 400
Sensor, Cryogenic Level 004-031A001
Laser, Gas 155
Laser, He Ne 79061
Module 285-0327
Laser, Solid State 22HD
Tube Plasma 060-5
Cryostat, Gas Purity Monitor 639AS1351
Test Set, Laser Infr TS-3620/GVS-5()
Cryostat, Laser 851258-1-1
Lamp, Flashtube, Laser 5F3K
Detector, Fast Rise Time Laser B 620
Transmitter, Laser 309160
Laser, Gas 215G
Target Designator S 309151
Laser, Gas ML-620
Laser, Infrared Obs AN/GVS-5
Laser, Solid State MX-9919/G
Optical Bed Assy 11019471-9
Folder, Horizontal 11019615-1
Optical Assembly, Laser 11019480-9
Crystal, Laser 11019485-1S/A
Reservoir Pump Assy 11019536-9
Bracket, Detector 7729827-01
Detector Assy 7729831-10
Laser, Gas 40
Airborne Laser Trac SM-D-703676
Test Set, Airborne L AN/AAM-55
Alignment Set, Airbo SM-D-703747
Laser, Gas 52G
Cryostat And Holder 639AS1275
Cover Assembly SM-D-852012
Detector, Light Intensity SM-A-955567
Adapter, Cable Assem SM-D-852433
Bracket Assembly, Al SM-D-852374
Trigger Circuit SM-D-852025
Plate, Face 11019508-1
Pump Assy 11019510-9
Magnet Retainer Assy 11019507-9
Cavity, Resonator, Laser SM-D-882432
Mount, Receiver-trac MT-4698/AAS-32
Control Laser Track SM-D-703726
Case, Receiver-track SM-D-703597
Cavity Assy 11019480-19
Reservoir Pump Assy 11019536-19
Laser, Transmitter SM-D-852011
Case, Electronic Com SM-D-703599
Receiver-tracker, La R-1920/AAS-32
Lamp, Flashtube, Laser 11508429
Case, Alignment Set SM-D-703749
Mirror, Laser SM-C-852264
Lens Protector Asse SM-D-852074
Base, Laser Equipment SM-D-937824
Base, Laser Equipment SM-D-937839
Sleeve SM-D-852074-2

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