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Fuses, Arrestors, Absorbers, And Protectors - FSC 5920

Fuseholders; Fuse Boxes; Fuse Posts; Fuse Links; Fuse Blocks; Current Limiters; Corona Balls; Electrostatic Dischargers.
Last Modified: May 24, 2018

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Arrester, Electrical Surge B467-217
Fuseholder, Extractor Post MILF19207
Fuse Box 9000-S6202-74186
Fuse Box SYM691P1
Fuse Box 9000-S6202-F-74190
Fuse Box 9000-S6202-74187
Fuse, Cartridge MIL-F-15160/10
Fuse, Cartridge MIL-F-15160/10
Fuse Box 9000S6202H74199REVB
Fuse, Cartridge 42505A1
Block, Telephone Protector 26
Fuse, Cartridge 51-15-016
Limiter, Current 4131
Discharger, Electrostatic LS12 906-277
Absorber, Overvoltage S05DF18CA
Fuse, Cartridge 1159-0001
Fuseholder, Extractor Post GA51110L1
Arrester, Electrical Surge 350-0110-130
Arrester, Electrical Surge 350-0110-110
Fuse, Cartridge LO1409
Fuse, Cartridge GMW1-64
Fuse, Cartridge RFC150
Fuse Cutout, Primary Expulsion 677C453G03
Fuse Cutout, Primary Expulsion 29962S2
Fuse, Cartridge 8108383
Fuse, Cartridge MS90078-20
Block, Fuse Case Con 461951
Fuse, Cartridge 312 010
Arrester, Electrical Surge 4007996-5
Fuse Link, Electrical 632A41A01
Fuseholder, Block SCB40901
Absorber, Surge SCD4490CITEM6
Arrester, Electrical Surge INR234
Fuseholder, Block 40-712-318
Fuse, Cartridge 40-615-412-13
Fuse, Cartridge 115A1885P22
Fuseholder, Block 714070-008
Arrester, Electrical Surge 9RV6D89
Arrester, Lightning 9LA3KU73
Arrester, Lightning 1124293
Fuse, Cartridge FNQ1-6
Fuse, Cartridge 120785
Fuse, Cartridge P8-C2-B40
Fuse, Cartridge 265001
Fuseholder, Block 12545-1
Fuse, Cartridge 312-062
Fuse, Cartridge 6193406G11
Fuse, Cartridge 5524
Fuse, Cartridge CLKL400-02
Fuse, Cartridge F03A250V1/4AS
Arrester, Lightning SM-D-2015983
Absorber, Overvoltage 0VP1
Fuseholder, Block 8104660
Fuse, Cartridge 23-0270
Fuse 312-75
Fuse, Cartridge 208462
Fuse Link, Electrical M427867-41
Fuse, Open Link S1252693
Fuse, Cartridge 302
Fuse, Cartridge JH30-22-6
Fuse Link, Electrical R203
Cap, Fuseholder 73-100144-3
Spare Fuseholder 1422
Fuseholder, Extractor Post 763B916G1
Fuseholder, Block 75A411526G701
Fuse, Cartridge 2110-0016
Fuse, Cartridge 15513
Fuse, Cartridge 16343
Fuse Link, Electrical 485250R3
Fuse Link, Electrical 486300R4
Fuse Link, Electrical 486250R2
Arrester, Lightning 1-174C370G10CPL
Fuse Link, Electrical PM23250
Fuse Link, Electrical PM23300
Fuse Link, Electrical PM34075
Fuse Link, Electrical PM34200
Fuse Link, Electrical PM23100
Fuse Link, Electrical PM23150
Fuse 209023
Fuse, Cartridge 44-876
Fuse, Cartridge GS450-15
Plate 250308
Fuse, Cartridge FM03-250V5AS
Fuse, Cartridge A60X300-4
Fuse, Cartridge 446A785H02
Plate, Fuse CE11962
Fuse, Cartridge N3 1/2
Fuse, Cartridge 0T40
Arrester, Lightning MP24
Fuse, Cartridge BAN15
Arrester, Lightning 792C846C03
Fuse Link, Electrical G-245350
Fuse, Cartridge F01A250V1/10A
Fuseholder, Block 3562
Discharger, Electrostatic 762021-4
Fuseholder, Extractor Post 370009
Cap And Lamp Assy, F FU1053K6
Cap And Lamp Assy, F FU1053K2
Cap And Lamp Assy, F FU1053K1
Fuseholder, Extractor Post 86-9-1

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