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Lugs, Terminals, And Terminal Strips - FSC 5940

Binding Posts; Battery Clips; Stud Terminals; Test Clips.
Last Modified: Feb 25, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Terminal, Feedthru 722270-070
Terminal, Stud 722258-185
Terminal, Sub-miniat 2040D3
Splice, Conductor J3610F
Terminal Board 928C687G1
Terminal, Stud 92-1514-101-P12
Terminal Board 7016505G001
Terminal Strip, Grounding 97-223A
Terminal, Lug 598-093
Terminal, Special 311563-1
Terminal, Feedthru 5M2226-001
Terminal, Stud 16601035-003
Adapter, Battery Terminal 9337-3
Post, Terminal, Electrical 549-4151-003
Terminal, Lug 597
Terminal, Stud 229-2027
Board Assembly 4765BY
Terminal, Lug 1415-4
Terminal, Feedthru 268-199
Terminal, Lug NA42-4N
Terminal, Quick Disconnect 42844-1
Terminal, Feedthru 571-4187-01-0019
Terminal Board 11-0484-1
Terminal Board 940D370-1
Board, Terminal Stak 545-3957-003
Terminal, Stud AA59126/20001
Terminal, Feedthru FTMM5TUR
Splice, Conductor D-100-28
Terminal, Stud A-A-59126/11
Terminal, Stud H2213-1
Terminal Board 181-00-06-01
Terminal, Stud 570-1980-04-01-00
Terminal Board 653604
Terminal, Lug QA31-2B
Terminal, Lug 1330C-1
Terminal Board 1851799
Terminal Board 1852570
Terminal Board 1852571
Terminal Board 145P
Terminal, Stud 54-22T5-0A
Terminal, Stud SL211-255
Terminal, Lug 554-9402-002
Splice, Conductor D101-22
Terminal Board 33016-6
Terminal Board 33009-6
Terminal Board 33008-6
Terminal Board 33010-6
Terminal Board 410JJ4
Terminal Board 410 JJ Y 05
Terminal Board 2080538
Post, Binding, Electrical 13218E5066-3
Terminal, Lug PM788-8
Terminal Board 80-958-6
Adapter, Radio Frequency Cable RF0700-25B
Terminal, Quick Disconnect FD1019BF
Terminal, Lug 7517583-1
Terminal, Lug 5400
Terminal, Stud 722248-41
Terminal, Stud 923B010-1
Ferrule, Metallic Shielded Cable, GSC1563
Ferrule, Metallic Shielded Cable, GSC1010TB
Ferrule, Metallic Shielded Cable, GSK1285
Terminal, Stud 5000B
Terminal, Feedthru FMSM16TURL2
Terminal, Compression 5381-01
Terminal, Feedthru FTSM125YELL0W
Terminal, Lug 10186701
Terminal Board 545-3960-004
Terminal Board 545-3968-005
Terminal Board 68471
Terminal, Feedthru 4519-1-12
Terminal, Stud 208819-3
Terminal, Stud 11207341-1
Splice, Conductor 530674-1
Terminal, Stud 3010D
Ferrule, Metallic Shielded Cable, 860265-4
Splice, Conductor 54373-5
Terminal Board 109744
Terminal Board 109241
Terminal, Lug 124A6471P1
Terminal Board 10946972-1
Terminal, Stud 1937-2
Terminal Board G5944-2
Cover, Terminal Board G6000
Splice, Conductor 971.31.34.703
Splice, Conductor 330592
Adapter, Radio Frequency Cable 2360A
Terminal Board 653755
Terminal Board 993485-01
Terminal, Quick Disconnect 42628-1
Adapter, Radio Frequency Cable SL AND ST 78-70S
Terminal Board 411JJ8
Terminal Board 411JJ2
Terminal Board 599GMFZ2
Terminal Board 699JJ7
Terminal Board 699JJ6
Terminal Board 599-JJ-18
Terminal Board 34016-6
Terminal Board 599JJ13
Terminal Board 599-JJ-12

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