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Lugs, Terminals, And Terminal Strips - FSC 5940

Binding Posts; Battery Clips; Stud Terminals; Test Clips.
Last Modified: Feb 26, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Terminal, Lug NW21
Terminal, Lug ST5M1383-010
Terminal, Taper Pin, Electrical 3190011-8
Terminal, Stud 4001127-1
Terminal, Taper Pin, Electrical 66074-3
Terminal Board 601-GP-2104-15
Terminal Junction Block, Sectiona MRTB16E02
Terminal Board 12287006
Terminal, Lug 123-0278-02
Terminal, Stud 3321-53-2
Terminal Board 201403
Terminal Board 1885016
Terminal Board 044628
Terminal Board ZKA160-003
Terminal 5040-7928
Terminal, Stud 1428-10-11
Terminal, Quick Disconnect EE-101983
Terminal Board 201404
Block 1484732-3
Terminal, Stud 437980-8
Terminal, Stud 73B19733
Terminal, Special 1977.2
Terminal Block E123-20
Terminal Block E123-21
Terminal, Stud 6010728-001
Terminal Board 0360-0622
Terminal, Lug 0362-0319
Terminal, Lug 0362-0320
Terminal, Stud C-20-T-A-10A
Terminal, Stud AA59126/09
Shield, Terminal Board 31159-10
Terminal, Stud 967725-1
Terminal, Stud 1671-6
Terminal Board A05601-002
Splice, Conductor SC-412SS
Splice, Conductor 642AS0771-2
Splice, Conductor 3174162-4
Terminal, Lug FG2/0-13
Terminal, Stud TF-300
Terminal, Quick Disconnect 12267555
Terminal Junction Block, Sectiona 8027520-7-15
Terminal Strip 3160001
Splice, Conductor D-150-0042
Splice, Conductor D-436-0125
Terminal, Lug R71092S
Terminal, Lug AS7928
Terminal, Stud 3040-91-1
Terminal, Quick Disconnect P-8139
Terminal Board 629-8080-001
Terminal Board 13211E6906
Terminal Junction Block, Sectiona CTJ-1-16-E-03A
Terminal, Stud 12277705
Terminal, Lug 32190
Terminal Board 6010101-108
Terminal, Stud PRG-200-5-FG10-FC1
Terminal Board 2273474
Terminal Board 395280
Contact 150AK3
Contact 150AK2
Conductor 175J90
Contact 154AA1
Terminal, Stud AA59126/10301
Terminal, Stud 306-2610-010
Terminal, Stud 978419-2
Terminal, Stud 988121-25
Terminal Board 80GFR/40W-PS-10A
Terminal, Lug G90
Terminal, Stud 5103-098-4
Terminal Board GFTC-3
Terminal, Lug 10-003D2
Terminal, Stud SLST-1AG4-1
Terminal Junction Block, Sectiona MIL-T-81714/60
Terminal Junction Block, Sectiona CTJ112E03B513
Relay, Socket Mt 3SAE 5014K1
Terminal, Quick Disconnect 12258202
Terminal Junction Block, Sectiona CTJ122E06B-090
Terminal, Feedthru SEP-115-2
Contact Strip, Radio Frequency Gr 618-1940-001
Terminal, Lug 1444M054-1
Terminal, Lug A373-108
Terminal Board 12288612
Terminal Board Assembly 12287015
Terminal, Quick Disconnect 3-520125-2
Channel, Mounting 60
Bracket And Termina 7438-793
Terminal, Lug YAEV2C-RS
Terminal, Stud SBT-17-6J
Terminal Board 229-006614
Terminal Board WRG95844-3
Terminal, Box 68C23046
Terminal Board MS27212
Splice, Conductor 8720504
Terminal Board 410C12
Terminal 484-0048-01
Terminal 484-0071-01
Terminal, Stud 31343-038 15991
Terminal, Lug 3736
Terminal Junction Block, Sectiona AS81714/60
Terminal, Stud VP167158-1
Terminal Board U-4

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